Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): To The Girl Looking for More by Grace Valentine

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GENRE: Inspirational Young Adult Devotional
PUBLISHER: Thomas Nelson
RELEASE DATE: April 11, 2023
PAGES: 224

In this 90-day devotional for young women, Grace Valentine encourages you to stop settling for the world’s image of post-worthy perfection and live for more: more joy, more peace, and more meaning.

Grace has felt the pressure of our culture’s conflicting messages about girls and God, from the picture-perfect “good Christian girl” that toxic culture touts or the God who treats women like sidekicks or after-thoughts. For any girl tired of the lies and expectations, Grace has a message for you: you are important to God, and He has so much more for your life.

In her first devotional, Grace shares the lessons she has learned through her own challenges and guides you to discover your true identity and self-worth in the eyes of your Creator.

In these 90 daily devotions, Grace breaks down the truth of Scripture with her genuine, been-there honesty that has made her a role model for young women. She shows girls of all ages how to

  • stop hustling to please, perform, and be perfect
  • recognize toxic relationships and leave them
  • let go of impossible expectations on yourself, your people, and your body
  • replace worry, pressure, and fear with God’s peace
  • choose kindness and positivity
  • navigate all the mixed messages around sex and dating
  • live out God’s amazing plans for your life

“I get it. You’re busy! But stop trying to just get through another week, and grab this devotional. Five minutes a day will help you discover how to live your MORE. You deserve this, sister!” —Grace Valentine


I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. — PSALM 32:8

For a season, college was all fun. I was in the top sorority and the party group. For once, everyone knew my name. But then my life came crashing down. A friend from high school died, then a guy ghosted me. I felt left out of my friend group, and I found out that some girls had a group chat to talk bad about me. Oh, I was also failing my science class. One minute life feels great, then— bam! Everything rushes downhill. So when life feels overwhelming and isn’t going our way, how do we respond? My first reaction used to be anger at God. If God was good, why didn’t my life always feel good? I didn’t realize that God was using the bad and twists to refine me. Refining is a process used to make metal stronger. Workers melt the metal in a fire to get out impurities. My hardships, hurt, and change of plans didn’t define me, they refined me. They made me stronger! Years later I can see that God was at work. My life wasn’t meant to be about my plans. My life isn’t about me at all. When I began to let my life be about the Author of love, I found something better than my plans— I found purpose. We get upset about life not going our way because we’ve taken ownership of what isn’t ours. One time I left a party disappointed. The whole time I had been stuck talking to this new girl. I was hoping to talk to the cute boy I was crushing on, but he didn’t say more than a “what’s up?” to me. Then that night, I got a text: “Hey Grace! Someone gave me your number. I knew no one tonight and honestly was scared coming to the party. Thanks for talking to me and making me feel welcome.” After I got that text, I felt better than I would have if that guy had talked to me. I wasn’t missing out; I was living God’s purpose at that party. Your life will not always go your way. But let God show you where to go, then follow Him and not your expectations. Instead of asking why your day or year looked different from what you had hoped, look for God’s eye on you. Sometimes the job says no, the cute guy doesn’t talk to you, or you don’t do well on the test. Sometimes you’re just talking to one girl instead of being the life of the party. Life isn’t about everything going our way; it’s about us going God’s way.

Dear Father, life isn’t going my way. I’m disappointed, but I know that life isn’t about me. Help me find purpose in saying yes to You instead of being attached to the expectations I have for my day and life. I want to go Your way. Amen.

Grace Valentine, To The Girl Looking for More
Thomas Nelson © 2023. Used by permission.

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Grace Valentine is an author, blogger, podcast host, and speaker. Her readers love the fact that she is young, ordinary, and relatable; they say her fresh voice helps them navigate their own faith and life. Grace’s mission is to show others that Christianity is not lame–it is an adventure worth living.

Grace grew up near New Orleans, Louisiana, in a suburban town called Mandeville. She graduated from Baylor University in 2018 with a degree in journalism. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, where she enjoys going on runs and eating lots of sushi. You can find Grace on Instagram @thegracevalentine; her podcast, Water into Wine; Twitter @GraceV96; or her website, Grace loves connecting with her readers, so send her a message!

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  1. Terrill R.

    I want to take some time in this book and then pass it on to my 24-year-old daughter. The topics sound highly relevant to where she is in her life right now. Expectations, toxic relationships, and letting go of fear and worry are a few.

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