New Releases I’m Excited About: Mid 2023

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I can’t believe April is almost gone and May is upon us. Even as my schedule blows up with end-of-the-school-year festivities for my local nieces & nephews, I’m still drooling over so many new releases that are coming our way in Mid 2023. May through August is FULL of books that look absolutely FABULOUS, and while I’d love to read all of the Mid 2023 New Releases, I realize that’s just not humanly possible. Gotta keep trying though. We readers may be gluttons for punishment when it comes to adding more books to our overflowing TBR galaxies, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, am I right?

Today, I’m going to be giving an overview of the Mid 2023 New Releases – all genres at once – with the first 10 books I plan to read from each month. Then, on the 1st of each month, I’ll be doing a more comprehensive look at all the books on my radar that release that month. This will also let me include more independent/small press releases each month that aren’t always on Amazon yet when I’m putting the quarterly posts together.

You can also keep up with 2023’s new books as I learn about them by bookmarking the ‘2023 Releases‘ page on my blog menu & checking it periodically!

So, today you’re getting the bird’s eye view for Mid 2023, so to speak. And then on Monday you can specifically see all the May 2023 New Releases that I would read if my superpower was really superhuman haha. Sound good? Yay!

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Check out all the May 2023 New Releases I’ve gathered for you HERE.

And here are the first ten (not the only) May 2023 titles I plan to read:



I’ve already read these two & highly recommend them:


Check out all the June 2023 New Releases I’ve gathered for you HERE.

And here are the first ten (not the only) June 2023 titles I hope to read:



June was super hard to narrow down to the first 10, by the way. I basically read want to read all the June books right now lol

Check out all the July 2023 New Releases I’ve gathered for you HERE.

And here are the first ten (not the only) July 2023 titles I hope to read:



Check out all the August 2023 New Releases I’ve gathered for you HERE.

And here are the first ten (not the only) August 2023 titles I hope to read:



I’d better get busy reading!! haha

What about you? Which Mid 2023 New Releases are you most anxious to read? What makes you excited about these books?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here OR in my amazon lists, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books no matter how hard I try LOL! Please feel free to leave your release info for Christian / clean fiction in the comments.

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18 responses to “New Releases I’m Excited About: Mid 2023

  1. Carolyn Miller

    Yay for the inclusion of Fire and Ice! (I hope you enjoy). This is my busiest time of the um year because I’ve got two others releasing as well: Love Somebody Like You (June 20) and Muskoka Spotlight (August 10) – both of which o think you’ll love! Happy reading to you xx

  2. What a great lineup of books, Carrie! You are a prolific reader!! I’m thrilled that Ladies of the Lake is on your TBR list. I hope you enjoy this story of the wonderful, unpredictable, fragile, and essential friendships of women. God bless!

  3. Winnie Thomas

    So many of these are on my “must read” list, too! Thanks for sharing, my dear BFFFC!

  4. Brenda Murphree

    Oh my! What are we going to do? So many good books and so little time to actually read. I want them all but I have already pre-ordered Mesu Andrews, Susie Finkbeiner’s new one coming up ( I didn’t see it on this list) but I love her books. I’m reading Stephenia McGee’s new one now.

    • Hi Brenda! Susie’s is on the big list with all of the new releases on my radar – it’s just not on my ‘first 10’ to read in her release month. But I’m definitely excited about it too!

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