May 2023 New Releases

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Happy May! I cannot believe we are already here, on the line between spring and summer. This year feels like it’s going by so quickly to me – anyone else? There are almost 100 titles on this list of May 2023 New Releases that I would like to read, if it were humanly possible to do nothing but read. (Sadly, my superpower isn’t omnipotent but I’m sure gonna try my best!) They comprise a range of genres – contemporary, historical, cozy mystery, suspense, Amish fiction, children’s books, YA, time travel, fantasy… and even some non-fiction. And, of course, expect to see lots of romance because it’s me, after all 😉 All books listed are Christian or clean in content, to the best of my knowledge.

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may 1


The Counterfeit Tory by Shannon McNear (historical romance, colonial America)
The Arranger by Jennifer Spredemann (contemporary romance, Amish)
A Necessary Compromise by Rose Fresquez (contemporary romance)
Edge of Steele by Susan Sleeman (romantic suspense)

may 2


What Dreams May Come by Dana LeCheminant (historical romance, Regency era)
The Castle Keepers by Runyan, Ciesielski & McMillan (historical collection, 1870/1917/1945)
A Heart Worth Stealing by Joanna Barker (historical romance, Regency era)
Dwell by Sandra Byrd (devotional)

Known by God by Our Daily Bread (devotional)
Charming Mr. Blackmore by Laura Beers (historical romance, Regency era)
Dusk Shall Weep by Kelsey Gietl (historical/western romance)
A Vanishing Act by Edwina Kiernan (historical mystery)


The Lawman’s Second Chance by Ruth Logan Herne (contemporary romance)
The Swindler’s Daughter by Stephenia H. McGee (historical romance, 1912 Georgia)
In This Moment by Gabrielle Meyer (historical romance, time travel)


The Secret to Happiness by Suzanne Woods Fisher (contemporary fiction)
Midnight Abduction by Laura Scott (romantic suspense)
The Shifting Current by Dani Pettrey (romantic suspense)

may 9


All the Pretty Places by Joy Callaway (historical romance, Gilded Age)
Wait for Me by Jody Hedlund (historical romance, time travel)
Agents of Grace by Daniel Darling (Christian non-fiction, personal growth)
Radiant by Ashley Bustamante (YA fantasy)

      The Thing About Home

Love in the Headlines by Penny Zeller (contemporary romance)
A Season at the Grand by Sherri Wilson Johnson (historical romance, Gilded Age)
In the Shadow of the River by Ann H. Gabhart (historical romance, Mississippi River)
The Thing About Home by Rhonda McKnight (contemporary fiction)


Heart of Gold by Lacy Williams (historical/western romance)
In Feast or Famine by Mesu Andrews (Biblical fiction)
Vengeance in the Mist by Robin Patchen (romantic suspense)
Mail-Order Bride Runaway by Linda Ford (historical/western romance)

may 10


Until the Rising by Amber Kirkpatrick (YA fantasy) *new series
Bullseye Bride by Kari Trumbo (historical/western romance)

may 12


The Visitor Plays a Game by Shawna Robison Young (mystery)
The Regal Pink by Jenny Knipfer (fantasy, fairy tale) *new series

may 16


Worldchangers by Shandi Stevenson (historical non-fiction) *new series
Famous for a Living by Melissa Ferguson (contemporary romance)
A Novel Disguise by Samantha Larsen (historical mystery, Georgian era) *new series
Murder on Mustang Beach by Alicia Bessette (cozy mystery)


Dad and the Recycling-Bin Roller Coaster by Taylor Calmus (children’s picture book)
Create in Me a Heart of Mercy (Bible study/devotional)
His Runaway Princess by Carol Moncado (contemporary romance)


The Coffee Bar on Camellia Court by Becky Doughty (contemporary romance)
Relinquished by Susan K. Beatty (romantic suspense)
I Know Who I Am by Dorena Williamson (children’s picture book)


Counterfeit Faith by Crystal Caudill (historical romantic suspense, Gilded Age)
Where Promises Remain by Heidi Chiavaroli (contemporary fiction)
Murmur in the Mud Caves by Kathleen Denly (historical/western romance)
Counter Attack by Patricia Bradley (romantic suspense) *new series


Show Me Betrayal by Ellen E. Withers (mystery/suspense) *new series
The Heart’s Choice by Peterson & Woodhouse (historical/western romance) *new series
Expired Promise by Haney & Phillips (romantic suspense)

may 17

The Pursuit of Miss Parish by Grace Hitchcock (historical romance, Victorian era)

may 18

Unsteady Ground by Christy Barritt (romantic suspense)

may 19


A Heart to Keep by Ashtyn Newbold (historical romance, Regency era)
A Path to Acceptance by Lisa M. James (fantasy)
Operation: Return by Kari Trumbo (romantic suspense)

may 22

To Enchant a Lady’s Heart by Robin Lee Hatcher (historical romance, Victorian era)

may 23


A Deadly Wilderness by Kelly Irvin (romantic suspense)
His Montana Star by Shirley Hailstock (contemporary romance)
Her Island Homecoming by Anna J. Stewart (contemporary romance) *new series
Her Kind of Cowboy by Susan Breeden (contemporary romance)


The Lawman’s Promise by Alexis Morgan (contemporary romance) *new series
Hard Dough Homicide by Olivia Matthews (cozy mystery)
Blueberry Blunder by Amanda Flower (cozy mystery)
The Diva Delivers on a Promise by Krista Davis (cozy mystery)


The Language of the Soul by Jeff Crosby (non-fiction)
Breaking McKinley’s Curse by Mindy Steele (romantic suspense)
Lone Star Sweetheart by Shannon Sue Dunlap (contemporary romance)
Eliminating the Witness by Jordyn Redwood (romantic suspense)


Finding Her Frontier Home by Louise M. Gouge (historical/western romance)
His Sweet Surprise by Angie Dicken (contemporary romance)
Tracking the Tiny Target by Connie Queen (romantic suspense)
Loving the Rancher’s Children by Mindy Obenhaus (contemporary romance)


Wagon Train Baby by Rhonda Gibson (historical/western romance)
The Cowboy’s Little Secret by Jill Kemerer (contemporary romance)
Cougar Mountain Ambush by Kathie Ridings (romantic suspense)
The Amish Spinster’s Dilemma by Jocelyn McClay (contemporary romance)


His Forgotten Amish Love by Rebecca Kertz (contemporary romance, Amish)
Montana Cold Case Conspiracy by Sharon Dunn (romantic suspense)
Deadly Amish Abduction by Laura Scott (romantic suspense)


False Shadow by Candle Sutton (romantic suspense)
Love for the Cowboy by Hannah Jo Abbott (contemporary romance)
Second Chances on Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand (contemporary romance, Amish)


Explosive Trail by Terri Reed (romantic suspense)
A Friend to Trust by Lee Tobin McClain (contemporary romance)
Silent Deception by Roxanne Rustand (romantic suspense)

may 25


Love, Lies and Literature by D.E. Malone (contemporary romance)
The Murderous Type by Sue Minix (cozy mystery)

may 26

His Perfect Family by Aminata Coote (contemporary romance)

may 30


Murder Off the Books by Tamara Berry (cozy mystery)
A Heart for News by Susan K. Beatty (contemporary romance)
The Doors of Rome by R.A. Douthitt (contemporary fiction)
Always By My Side by Iola Goulton (contemporary romance)


Framed for Murder by Mary Alford (romantic suspense) *new series
Revealing the Truth by Lorri Dudley (historical romantic suspense, Regency era) *new series
Amy Wu and the Ribbon Dance by Kat Zhang (children’s picture book)

may 31


Collecting Can Be Murder by Jennifer S. Alderson (cozy mystery) *new series
His Tender Mercy by Autumn MacArthur (contemporary romance)
The Trouble with a Small Town Cowboy by Debra Clopton (contemporary romance) *new series

Whew! April showers apparently bring lots of great May releases! And don’t forget you can see all the May 2023 New Releases in one place by clicking HERE.

What about you? Which May 2023 New Releases are you most anxious to read? What makes you excited about these books?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here OR in my amazon list, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books no matter how hard I try LOL! Please feel free to leave your May 2023 release info for Christian / clean fiction in the comments.

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