Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): Devotion by Jo Huddleston

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DEVOTION by Jo Huddleston
Emotions of the Heart #2
GENRE: Inspirational Southern/Historical Romance
PUBLISHER: Winged Publications

RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2023
PAGES: 313

An outgoing woman. A sensible bachelor. A happily ever after?

Bernice Thompson is an extroverted legal secretary. When her boss sends her to an out-of-state assignment, she falls for Gene Courtland. But is he as devoted to her as she is to him?

Gene Courtland’s world becomes perfect when Bernice enters it. He wants to spend the rest of his life with Bernice but is too vulnerable to tell her.

A roadblock named Ruth believes Gene loves her, not Bernice. Ruth will do anything to tear them apart. When Ruth’s behavior turns irrational, will Bernice and Gene ever have their happily ever after?



That evening when Gene knocked on Bernice’s door, and she answered looking radiant, it was all he could do not to drop to a knee and propose the moment he saw her. As they walked to his car, the flowing skirt of her yellow sundress fluttered around her knees in the slight breeze. In the early evening, the July day’s heat had somewhat lowered.

Inside his club’s dining room, several couples had already arrived, and a gentleman at the piano entertained them splendidly.

“It’s so good to have you sitting across the table from me. I’m repeating myself, but I sure did miss you while you were away.”

“Yeah, me too.”

After finishing their baked salmon with a creamy dill sauce, roasted asparagus, and a simple slaw, they lingered over key lime pie and coffee. Now and then, Gene pressed his hand against his sportscoat pocket to make sure the ring box was still there.

Bernice laid down her fork and sipped her coffee. “That was terrific. I’ll have to go away again to get such a meal to celebrate returning.” Her laugh died away when he didn’t join her.

“Please don’t even joke about going away again. I’ve been down in the dumps with you away.”

“You have?”

She seemed to brighten at his comment as if she took it as a compliment. Should he propose to her now?

Instead, he said, “Yes, I have. Soon after we met, I told you I wanted to continue seeing you.”

“I remember you said so, right here in this dining room. And I told you it was wonderful.”

He reached across the table to take her hand. “I guess you wonder why I haven’t said more words like that. I should have, but something held me back, and you deserve to know what.”


“No, please, don’t interrupt. Please, just listen.” He gazed into her flashing green eyes and wondered if he’d ever get out the words he wanted to say. Then he stumbled on…

Excerpted from Devotion by Jo Huddleston. Copyright © 2023 by Jo Huddleston. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Used by permission.

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Award-winning and bestselling author Jo Huddleston writes sweet Southern mid-20th-century romance. Her stories are inspired by her fascination with the 1950s and love of her native American South. Jo’s readers describe her as a wonderful storyteller whose books will inspire and entertain you.

Jo likes to laugh with people but not at people. The beach is her favorite vacation spot. Jo doesn’t like to see or hear about people or animals being abused. She’s a spectator fan of several sports, her favorite being tennis. Jo doesn’t enjoy being in the dark and is fearful of snakes!

Visit Jo’s website where you can read the first chapter of her novels and novellas and receive a free eBook copy of Jo’s short stories when you sign up for her newsletter.

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What about you? What makes you want to read Devotion by Jo Huddleston?

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  1. MS Barb

    hmmm…what kind of things is the “interfering” lady (Ruth) going to do!? It’s interesting she is referred to as a roadblock!

  2. Melissa Painter

    I’m a big fan of Christian fiction and have never read anything by Jo Huddleston.

  3. Kasi Walas

    The compelling narrative and rich historical setting make ‘Devotion’ by Jo Huddleston an enticing read. The blend of romance, faith, and resilience in the face of adversity promises a captivating story that can inspire and entertain at the same time.

  4. Sandy Avery

    Intriguing summary and the excerpt leaves me wanting to know what happens next! I enjoy Southern fiction too.

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