Road Trip Reads Giveaway (Minnesota): the Minnesota Marshalls series by Susan May Warren

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today’s books: Minnesota Marshalls series by Susan May Warren

We are moving right along on our summer-long Road Trip Reads Giveaway where we will be visiting all 50 states on the pages of recently released books. Because road trips are always better with friends – and books – right? So grab your fave snacks, a cold soda or bottled water, an upbeat playlist and let’s head up north!

today’s stop: Minnesota

FRASER by Susan May Warren
SERIES: The Minnesota Marshalls #1
GENRE: Christian Romantic Suspense
RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2023
PAGES: 296

Fraser Marshall is pretty sure his career as a Spec Ops fighter is over. Yes, he’s gone into private security, working for Jones, Inc, but his last gig ended with him wounded and taken captive. And those wounds just won’t heal. The last thing he wants to do is stick around his family’s winery pressing grapes. But what choices does he have?

The answer comes via a panicked phone call from his kid brother, Creed.

Help, Fraser. I’m in over my head…

Yeah he is, because he’s run away with a princess, with her bodyguard hot on the trail. And said bodyguard, Pippa Butler is going to hunt them down, no matter the cost.

Even if she has to join forces with a bossy, arrogant former American SEAL. But Pippa has her own set of lethal skills, and if Fraser gets in the way, she’ll leave him on the side of the road. Still, maybe he’s not a terrible side-kick. He is handsome, and he makes her laugh…

No, no, bad Pippa! She has no room for a man—an American—in her life. And Fraser hasn’t ever considered slowing down. Even if Pippa has him wondering if there is a different future ahead.

But there’s more to the story than a Romeo-and-Juliet runaway romance. Princess Imani has seen a murder, and the perpetrator isn’t going to let her get away. Will Fraser and Pippa find the couple first?

And if they do, can they work together to keep them safe?

It’ll be tough if their hearts get in the way…

Dive into book one of the epic, romantic, globe-trotting suspense of the Minnesota Marshalls!


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JONAS by Susan May Warren
SERIES: The Minnesota Marshalls #2
GENRE: Christian Romantic Suspense
RELEASE DATE: April 4, 2023
PAGES: 270

Jonas Marshall is done storm-chasing, plagued with the memory of a terrible accident that paralyzed a fellow chaser, so the last thing he’s going to do is run into more danger. Now, he’s just a simple weatherman deploying dirigibles in an experiment to track weather patterns in Slovenia.

As far from danger as he can get.

But danger comes knocking in the form of hiker in need of rescue, and he can’t deny that her companion—beautiful Sibba Kovac—is a great distraction from the guilt that haunts him…until she paraglides right out of his life.

Probably for the best.

But danger still won’t leave him alone when a storm knocks his dirigibles out of the sky, and he happens upon one that looks tampered with…

It is. And worse, it’s carrying what could be radioactive waste. At least according to EOD expert Sibba…who finds herself face-to-face with the rescuer she can’t forget. But she’s not looking for him—her grandfather is missing, and she’ll stop at nothing to find him.

When her missing grandfather leads to the threat of a dirty bomb, she’s the only one who can stop it. And Jonas is the only man brave enough to run into danger with her. But she doesn’t have room in her heart to love him—not when she lives with death in her periphery. Can the right man, at the right time help her see beyond her fears to a future?

And if they have a chance to save the world, can Jonas let go of the woman he loves?

The thrilling second book in the epic romantic suspense of the Minnesota Marshalls!


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NED by Susan May Warren
SERIES: The Minnesota Marshalls #3
GENRE: Christian Romantic Suspense
RELEASE DATE: June 6, 2023
PAGES: 268

After four years of training to become a Navy SEAL, Ned Marshall is finally ready to marry the woman of his dreams, Shae Johnson. And Shae’s been uber patient, waiting, building a life as a free-lance graphic artist, moving around the globe to be with him. So, when she said yes to his proposal in Geneva, he fully expected to live happily-ever-after.

At the very least, he expected her to be waiting at the hotel for him three days after an emergency call-out. And maybe it was unreasonable to expect her to be sitting in the hotel, working on her watercolors—Shae, after all grew up in Montana, and she has adventure in her blood. So of course she’s going to go climb the beautiful Swiss mountains. Even make a friend.

But Ned isn’t thrilled with her new friend, and something about him doesn’t feel safe…

So she’s made some friends while waiting for Ned to return? Shae can’t believe that after years of sacrifice, Ned is actually angry at her—what did he expect, that she’d sit by the window? Dana and his friends are harmless, right?

Not so much. Because when Shae finds herself kidnapped, and brought to Russia, she fears the worst—she’s been swept up in a human trafficking ring. And when she’s sent to, of all places, Siberia how will Ned ever find her?

But Ned isn’t going to lose her—not after everything they’ve been through, and he’ll stop at nothing to rescue her. But when he discovers the real reason she’s been taken, he will have to become a traitor to his country if he wants her back.

Join the epic race to rescue Shae in the high-adrenaline book three in the Minnesota Marshalls series.


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IRIS by Susan May Warren
SERIES: The Minnesota Marshalls #4
GENRE: Christian Romantic Suspense
RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2023

Iris Marshall never wanted to be anything more than what she is—an official for the European League of (American) Football. So, why she said yes to being a courier for the CIA? She’s not sure, especially when it lands her in an international thriller that has her on the run from a killer. And worse, the person she’s on the run with? Arrogant, bossy, playboy Hudson Bly football player and the last person on earth she wants to go into hiding with.

Hudson knows his days as a wide-receiver are numbered. Too many head injuries, starting with a violent TBI in college have caught up with him. So yes, he agreed to be a patriot, do his bit for the USA and courier a message between agents. He never expected for that simple act to ignite an international man-hunt for the official who wrecked his life, Iris Marshall. But what’s a guy to do—let her get killed?

But spending time with Iris has ignited a desire in him that takes him by surprise, and for Iris, maybe Hudson is more than she thought.

But who is after Iris? When one of her fellow officials is murdered, maybe the killer is after more than just her—maybe she’s found herself in the middle of an international plot to take down a country.

It’ll take the help of the entire family to keep Iris safe…but at what cost when they have to choose between their careers…and their country?

Join the Marshall family in book four of the thrilling romantic adventure!


“Are you on your honeymoon?” This from Xaris. Behind him, the shore grew, along with the port of Santorini with its fishing boats and houses built on the craggy hillside. Along the top of the ridge, like so many hats, sat the whitewashed buildings, one on top of another, many with domed roofs, all nestled together.

Magical. And the perfect place for a honeymoon.

Iris looked at Hudson. She’d used the lie only a few days ago when he’d been hospitalized, but—

“Yes.” Hudson lifted their clasped hands. “We’re staying in Santorini—just took a rental out for the day. I don’t think we’re getting our deposit back.” He grinned, and wow, she’d seen his charm up close and personal, but now it had the power to loosen the aura of suspicion she hadn’t noticed until that moment.

Then, he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll bet you can’t wait for a warm shower and a gourmet dinner, right, honey?”

She’d be happy for dry clothes and a vending machine sandwich, but she nodded.

“You look familiar,” Nico said, frowning. “I don’t know where.”

Hudson lifted a shoulder. “I get that a lot. I sort of look like an actor.”

“Hmm,” said Nico, but the boat was turning into the harbor, and he left to pick up a line.

Iris glanced at him. Raised an eyebrow. “An actor?”

“Yeah. Didn’t you see the new Reacher on Netflix? It’s a series—Coach says I look like that actor.”

She hadn’t seen it, and frankly, Nico probably hadn’t either, but, “Right.” Because if the man was a fan of American football in Europe, then they both knew exactly why Nico recognized the six-foot-four, blindingly handsome, fit and sturdy wide receiver from the Vienna Vikings.

“Let’s hope he’s not interested in a selfie,” she said.

They pulled up alongside other fishing boats coming into dock. The place smelled of fresh catch, salt, and oil, and dockhands tied up boats as fishermen sat on deck, sorting their fish from the nets. A road switchbacked up from the harbor to the pristine town. Horses snorted nearby, tied up, waiting to pull carts filled with today’s catch to market.

Or at least, that’s what Iris supposed. She also wanted to suppose that the nightmare was over—that whoever had shot at them yesterday, blown up their boat, and sent them to spend the most terrifying night of her life in a cave made of jagged shells might have decided to give up, and was most definitely not waiting for her in some nearby bistro, drinking coffee and eating baklava.

Her stomach growled as she got up.

“You can’t walk around town like that, ma’am,” Nico said.

She still clung to her towel, but under that she wore only her swimsuit.

Thank the Lord it wasn’t a bikini. But still.

“Here,” said Nico and reached for a grimy denim button-up shirt wadded into a cubby near the helm.

“Thanks.” She managed a smile, then dropped the towel and pulled on the shirt. It hung about three sizes too big, the cuffs wagging, the tail of the shirt to her knees. “Who owned this? Andre the Giant?”

“My brother, Atlas,” Nico said, laughing.

She glanced at Hudson, who appraised her, nodding.

“Thank you.” First stop was a store.

Well, no. They might need money, given that her cash was currently swimming with the fish in the depths of the Aegean.

Hudson climbed out first, then held out his hand. “Thanks again for saving us.”

Xaris shook his hand. “You know where you’re going?”

Not a clue, but Hudson grinned, nodded. “We’re staying at resort nearby.”

They were?

Hudson took her hand, and she climbed off the boat and onto the dock. Managed not to drop to her knees and kiss the cement jetty.

Nico stood in the boat, hands on his hips. “Really familiar. You sure we haven’t met?”

“Really? You run into a lot of shipwrecked Americans?” Hudson reached down to shake his hand.

Nico laughed. “That’s it. In the Heart of the Sea.”

Iris just stared at him.

“You’re Chris Hemsworth.”

A beat, and then Hudson laughed. Something loud and full, and even Iris had to smile.

“I wish, mate,” Hud said, sounding decidedly Australian. “But I’ll take it.”

Iris rolled her eyes.

Hud took her hand. “C’mon, darlin’. Before more of my fans find me.”

“Please.” But she held on, because she was hungry and tired, and maybe he did, just a little, resemble a superhero.

Stop. She wasn’t looking for a man in her life.

They were barely friends.

In fact, as soon as she could, she needed to ditch him.

Susan May Warren, Iris
SDG Publishing © 2023. Used by permission.

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USA Today best-selling Susan May Warren is the multi-award-winning novelist of over 90 novels in five different genres. With nearly 2 million books sold, her stories have been translated into French, Dutch, Polish, German, Swedish, Ukrainian and Italian, and are on the bookshelves around the world, as far away South Africa, Australia, and Russia. She’s been featured in Christian Women Today magazine, and appeared on the Harvest show and other national television shows. Connect with Susan May Warren on her website.

Susan May Warren is offering an ebook copy of Fraser, Jonas, and Ned as well as an advanced reader ebook of Iris to one of my readers! (Void where prohibited by law or logistics.) This giveaway is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policies which can be found here. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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What about you? What makes you want to read the Minnesota Marshalls series – including Iris – by Susan May Warren? Have you ever visited Minnesota?

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26 responses to “Road Trip Reads Giveaway (Minnesota): the Minnesota Marshalls series by Susan May Warren

  1. Bea LaRocca

    I have been dying to read this series! The setting, the gorgeous covers, the intriguing synopses and excerpts and the connection to previous series written by Ms. Warren are just some of the reasons why. I have never been to Minnesota or anywhere really so I travel vicariously through the books that I read

  2. Sandy Avery

    Lots of action, feisty heroines, and swoony heroes! I’ve read the first three and can’t wait for the next two in the series.

    I’ve traveled through but not visited Minnesota.

  3. Jcp

    I loved the Christiansen Family Swedes (also set in MN) by this author. The first book in the series is Take a Chance on Me (a 6 book series)

  4. Sue Parrish

    I always enjoy Susan May Warren’s books and look forward to reading these. I have visited Minnesota and enjoyed it very much.

  5. Martha

    This series sounds great. They appeal to me because the plots are different and unique both in terms of the settings and what is happening. I have lived in Minnesota.

  6. Kasi Walas

    I’m drawn to Susan May Warren’s Minnesota Marshalls series for its nuanced characters and rich Minnesotan setting. Having visited Mall of America, I’ve experienced a glimpse of Minnesota’s vibrancy and would love to delve deeper, both through Warren’s books and further visits.

  7. Gloria A

    I have read all of the original Marshalls series and want to read these new ones. Great reads! SMW is a favorite of mine. I have never visited Minnesota.

  8. Colleen C.

    I love Romantic Suspense stories and these sound truly interesting… made note of this series!

  9. Steph

    This looks like a great series. I was born and raised in Northern MN, it can be really nice here.

  10. Jean (Torgeson) White

    I lived in Minnesota for 22 years before the military started to send us around the world.
    We don’t get back there very often anymore. Grandkids are around the US and are more enjoyable to visit!!

  11. Heather Clarke

    I have had my eyes on these books for a while. They sound so good. Plus I love Romantic Suspense! These would make a great summer read. 🤞🏼

  12. Perrianne Askew

    I read an thoroughly enjoyed her Sky King Ranch series. I love how she put the hunky guys on the covers first and then zings us with Iris’s cover. Wow, how did she ever get into that kind of trouble? I know I would enjoy this series!

  13. Karen

    I am a huge Warren fan so I would love to read these books. A close friend of mine lives in MN so I have gone to visit her several times.

  14. Patty

    I haven’t read any of this serues, nor have I visited Minnesota. I hear it’s beautiful.

  15. Karen

    I have enjoyed all of Susan May Warren’s books, and now I live just a few minutes from Minnesota. I also live with a Minnesotan, lol.

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