Road Trip Reads Giveaway (Rhode Island): Trust in Love by Cecily K. Wolfe

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today’s book: Trust in Love by Cecily K. Wolfe

We are moving right along on our summer-long Road Trip Reads Giveaway where we will be visiting all 50 states on the pages of recently released books. Because road trips are always better with friends – and books – right? So grab your fave snacks, a cold soda or bottled water, an upbeat playlist and let’s head to the tiniest state in the USA!

today’s stop: Rhode Island

Trust in Love by Cecily Wolfe

TRUST IN LOVE by Cecily K. Wolfe
Cliff Walk Cousins #5

GENRE: Historical Romance (Christian)
RELEASE DATE: October 24, 2022
PAGES: 282

When a Christian young man confronts the woman he loves about her past, will her devastating secret bring them together, or will his good intentions lead to further heartbreak?

As the oldest Davenport cousin, adopted into the wealthy and influential family after a childhood of poverty and loss, Thomas has always been serious and overprotective, even to a fault. Plenty of pretty young ladies of the highest social standing have pursued him, but romance has never been on his mind.

Until Theresa.

As the cook at the Davenports’ homeless shelter, Theresa has spent the last two years focused on working hard and avoiding the pain of her past. She’s distressed by the undeniable pull she feels towards Thomas, but the temptation to confide in him when he insists he can help brings her idyllic time in Newport to an abrupt end.

Can Thomas’ extravagant plan restore what Theresa has lost, or is her faith in him merely a desperate delusion?

Trust in Love is the emotional fifth and final book in the Cliff Walk Cousins Christian historical romance series. If you like close knit families, devoted heroes, and relationships guided by the Lord, you’ll love Cecily K. Wolfe’s inspirational and uplifting series.


Thomas Duncan wasn’t born to inherit a thriving business, or better yet, a sizable portion of a railroad dynasty.

Either of which would sustain himself and his own heirs for generations to come.

Every day he thanked the Lord for the path his misfortunate had led him, for the family that had taken him in and loved him as their own, and for the devotion of his natural parents before their untimely deaths.

As he stared at the furious woman in front of him, her dark eyes flashing in the dim light of the hallway, he felt certain she would understand.

That she had been delivered from something traumatic as well.

Theresa was beautiful and intelligent, and Thomas couldn’t deny his attraction to her.

But with so many pretty girls in his social circle, so many who had approached him with determined interest, physical beauty had never drawn his attention before.

And it wasn’t what had made him fall in love with her.

“I didn’t mean to startle you, Theresa. I heard someone moving about and wondered if one of our guests needed assistance.”

Her thick chestnut hair, unbound from its usual braided knot at the nape of her neck, rested over her shoulder, and he resisted the urge to reach out, to touch the very ends of it as it shone.

He wouldn’t dare move so close, or attempt to lay a finger on her, and not only because such behavior would be disrespectful.

“Everyone is asleep. I wouldn’t rest myself if that wasn’t the case.”

As Theresa’s fingers fisted against her skirt, Thomas realized he was blocking her way back into the kitchen, where he knew she kept a cot so she could sleep at the shelter.

Although her aunt had rooms she rented in a house nearby where Theresa lived with her, and for all Thomas could tell the two of them got on well together.

So why did she stay here more often than not?

“I’m sure you wouldn’t, Theresa. Again, I apologize.”

Thomas stepped aside, forcing himself to look away as he gave her a wide berth in front of him.

A path to the kitchen, where he knew she would rest until her baking duties began early the next morning.

She took a tentative step forward and he closed his eyes, the question he longed to ask burning in the back of his throat.

Is it time, Lord?

Of course it wasn’t, he chided himself silently.

He had just upset her, nearly colliding with her as she left the newly renovated bathroom at the foot of the stairs.

Preparing to go to sleep, he knew now, certain he would never see her in such an unguarded state otherwise.

His breaths came in shallow spurts as he squeezed his eyes shut, wanting to give Theresa the space she needed to feel safe again.

But he had never done anything to harm her, and as far as he knew, no one at the shelter had ever threatened her, either.

If someone had . . .

When he had counted twenty heartbeats, surely enough time for Theresa to tuck herself away in the room down the hall, he stared down at his damp shoes for a long moment before turning his head, only to find her watching him from the kitchen doorway.

She hurried off when their eyes met, and Thomas had to keep his pace steady as he followed.

“What is it? If you won’t tell me what troubles you, will you at least explain why you’re so afraid?”

His voice was louder than he intended, and Theresa whirled on him as she backed into the wall where her cot stood waiting.

“Have we ever done or said anything threatening?”

As he peered into the kitchen, the darkness mitigated by threads of moonlight slipping in through the small window over the sink, he lowered his voice, the question in them a plea.

His family was generous and kind, welcoming and open.

He knew what her answer would be, but would the expected lead to a revelation?

A revelation that would allow him to help her in whatever way she needed?

Theresa was threading her thick locks of hair rapidly, tugging them tighter over her shoulder as she braided.

“This isn’t proper, Mr. Duncan. You mustn’t be here alone with me.”

She was right, he knew, and he would never do anything to compromise a woman.

But she deserved a measure of peace from whatever troubled her, and he was determined to offer her that.

Cecily Wolfe, Trust in Love
© 2023. Used by permission.

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Cecily Wolfe

Cecily K. Wolfe is the author of the award-winning, best selling Cliff Walk Christian historical romance and family saga series. She writes contemporary young adult and women’s fiction under the name Cecily Wolfe, as well as contemporary sweet romance with her teenage daughter as Alessa Martel.

She holds a master’s degree with honors in library science from Kent State University and worked as a public services librarian, serving those in lower income areas of Northeast Ohio, before focusing on writing full-time.

You can find her on Facebook @ceciwolfe, Instagram @cecilywolfe, and TikTok @christianromance

Trust in Love series giveaway

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What about you? What makes you want to read Trust in Love by Cecily K. Wolfe? Have you ever visited Rhode Island?

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    This sounds like an interesting book and series, with a beautiful setting.

    I have visited Rhode Island.

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    I have not been to Rhode Island.
    I love historical fiction and I also love books in a series, so these would be great!

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