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The Baron and the Lady Chemist JustRead Blog + Review Tour

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for The Baron and the Lady Chemist by Alissa Baxter, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours! I’m delighted to have Alissa on the blog today to share some of her fave lines & the items on her heroine’s to-do list!

The Baron and the Lady Chemist

SERIES: The Grantham Girls #2
GENRE: Regency Romance (Clean)
PUBLISHER: Dragonblade Publishing
RELEASE DATE: August 3, 2023
PAGES: 264

Their chemistry creates a chain reaction . . . but will love be the final result?

Dorothea Grantham has always been fascinated by chemistry and spends most days conducting experiments in her laboratory at Grantham Place, staining silk with gold, silver, and other metals using chemical processes.

Thea embroiders the beautiful gold and silver silk shawls she creates and enjoys wearing them, but her grandmother, Lady Longmore, advises her not to reveal to anyone outside the family circle that she has created the fashion items herself, concerned her granddaughter might be seen as an oddity.

When Thea enters Society, her shawls attract a great deal of attention and become the talk of the town. James, Lord Castleroy, takes a particular interest in her work, having inherited a share in his grandfather’s silk mill in Macclesfield.

Eager to invest in the ailing silk industry, the baron studies Miss Grantham’s silks with an admiring—and increasingly suspicious—eye, believing the fabrics to be smuggled imported silk. As he spends more time with the enterprising young lady, however, his interest in her quickly extends beyond his business affairs to engulf his guarded heart.

But Lord Castleroy isn’t the only person in London interested in Thea’s exquisite creations. And when a silken web of intrigue entangles her in real danger, Thea must trust the devotion of a man she never expected—or intended—to fall in love with.

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Note: This series is part of Dragonblade’s Sweet Dreams line, so this is a sweet, wholesome Historical Romance where passion beyond the bedroom door is left to the reader’s imagination.

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Alissa Baxter guest post

by Alissa Baxter, author of The Baron and the Lady Chemist

Things on my heroine, Thea’s, to-do list

  • Ask John to buy more white silk cloths from the mercer the next time he goes to Bath. I know that this fabric is rather expensive, but chemistry experimentation involves quite a few mishaps, I’m afraid. It is the nature of the work, after all, and the only way to discover a beautiful shade is to keep experimenting.
  • I have neglected embroidering the hems of the latest shawls I have stained. I become so wrapped up in the chemical processes that I fail to finish the shawls properly. I want to wear them when I am presented in London, so I really do need to spend some time on my stitching. But, oh! How hard it is to put aside the most exciting chemical science work I have done in a long while.
  • I must order some more metal salts for my experiments. I am running low on gold and silver salts, in particular, as I do love staining silk in these shades.
  • I must read Mrs. Fulhame’s essay again about the way in which she applied her work to maps. I have asked John to procure a plain map for me the next time he goes to Bath so that I can represent the streams in silver, and the cities in gold, just as Mrs. Fulhame did.
  • I must practice playing the pianoforte. Although Aunt Eliza seems resigned to my scientific work as it involves the creation of beautifully stained fabrics, she will not be happy if the only feminine accomplishment I have is embroidery—although I suppose that is better than nothing.

Favourite Lines from The Baron and the Lady Chemist

Thea turned to Miss Pellier and said calmly, “I have always found it interesting that only the opposite electric fluids attract each other. To quote the author of Conversations on Chemistry, ‘electricities seem to me to be a kind of chemical spirit, which animates the particles of bodies, and draws them together.’”

“It sounds oddly like courtship,” Lord Castleroy murmured.

Thea tapped the edge of her glasses. “Besides, you’ve told me countless times that my spectacles make me look far too bookish. I doubt I will attract many suitable prospects.”

“You must contrive to remove them while at parties, my dear.”

“But then I will trip over my feet and make a spectacle of myself—in quite a different sense of the word, of course.”

He bent his head. “A penny for your thoughts?”

“Oh, they wouldn’t be of any interest to you, my lord. They are somewhat weighty.”

“A pound then?”

Her lips flickered into a smile. “I don’t deserve any recompense for displaying such incivility.”

He leaned back in his chair as she proceeded to ask him about the length of his proposed stay. Miss Grantham spoke quickly as if by hurrying the conversation along, she could retreat from dangerous ground. His lips curved into a faint smile. She was adorable.

“Good morning, Miss Grantham, Miss Abigail,” Lord Castleroy bowed. “May I procure you each a glass of water?”

Miss Pellier wrinkled her small nose. “I am afraid I abandoned my glass. It has a metallic taste which I couldn’t enjoy.”

“Perhaps I shall try it another morning then,” Thea said. “I am not feeling particularly brave today.”

“Come, Miss Grantham.” A smile lit Lord Castleroy’s eyes. “You are one of the bravest ladies I know.”

Alissa Baxter wrote her first Regency romance during her long university holidays. After travelling the world, she settled down to write her second Regency novel, which was inspired by her time living on a country estate in England. Alissa then published two chick lit novels before returning to her favourite era with her Linfield Ladies Series, a trio of Regency romances that feature women in trend-setting roles who fall in love with men who embrace their trailblazing ways… at least eventually. Her new Dragonblade trilogy, The Grantham Girls, continues this inspiring theme.

Alissa currently lives in Johannesburg with her husband and two sons.

Connect with Alissa by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.

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