Book Review: Great Is His Faithfulness by C. Borden

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Great is His Faithfulness book review

Great is His Faithfulness by C. BordenGREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS by C. Borden
GENRE: Historical/Biblical Fiction (Christian)
PUBLISHER: C.B. Writing Solutions
RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2023
PAGES: 186

Naomi, faithful wife and devoted mother, finds herself in a foreign land surrounded by people who hate and distrust her family simply for being Judaean.

Ruth, a young Moabite woman, marries Naomi’s eldest in order for her father to keep a finger on Naomi’s family.

Ten years of distrust, heartbreak, and tragedy rob both women of the men they love. With dreams dashed, they return to Ephrathah as widows, expecting to be treated as outcasts. While Naomi harbors bitterness and worry, Ruth embraces hope. She places her trust in Naomi’s guidance and her faith in Naomi’s God.

Great Is His Faithfulness is a fictional account of the incredible story of Naomi and Ruth, the relationship they shared, and the blessing bestowed on them after everything seemed to be lost.


Great is His Faithfulness is an exploration ‘behind the scenes’ as it were of the Biblical book of Ruth, following the perspectives of first Naomi and then Ruth. The author stays within the bounds of the Biblical text but offers us a thoughtful imagining of what these women might have been feeling and experiencing, each in a strange land. In fact, I really liked the fact that the first part of the story focuses on Naomi’s possible emotions and experiences as a foreigner in Moab… and then the second part focuses on the same for Ruth as a foreigner in Judah. I’m not sure why I’ve never considered that aspect from Naomi’s perspective, that she was also a foreigner in a strange land who would have empathized with what Ruth was feeling as well. Possibly because the main focus of the Biblical account is on Ruth’s experiences.  I enjoyed delving into Naomi’s heart and feeling like I possibly understood her better – particularly her bitterness – in Borden’s interpretation.

This is a relatively quick read with an engaging writing style, and the author does a good job of ‘humanizing’ Biblical people who I think we tend to unrealistically put on a pedestal. But in actuality, they were just like us – real people who felt the same regrets and joys and uncertainties we feel, who grieved as we grieve over the loss of loved ones, who built friendships and fell in love. When I put down Great is His Faithfulness and pick up the Biblical book of Ruth, the names in the familiar verses now seem more alive, more relatable, more real. Because of course they were real, but sometimes we treat them like superheroes and forget how much we share in common.

Bottom Line: Great is His Faithfulness by C. Borden is a fictionalized deep dive into the story of Naomi and Ruth, a grieving mother and daughter-in-law who are each other’s last hope. The author thoughtfully explores plausible scenarios to fill in the blanks on what the Biblical account does not tell us, all while staying grounded in the Scriptures and within its boundaries. And while I knew how this tale would turn out before I started reading it, the epilogue that Borden includes made my heart swell like it always does at God’s faithfulness toward these two women. A compelling take on a story I’ve loved since childhood, and one that is definitely worth reading!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4 stars / enjoyed it!

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C Borden

C. Borden is an avid reader and most enjoys the richness of fantasy and science fiction, which inspired her to write stories of her own.

Drawing inspiration from the people and places that have touched her life, her works include lifelike characters, places readers wish they could visit, and storylines that fully engage her readers. Though her first published works are fantasy short stories and a fantasy novel, she is also a Christian and fiction author. Some of her work in other genres is available on Kindle Vella.

C. Borden is a wife, mother, and USAF Veteran. She enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. When she’s not writing, she’s most likely enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, helping another author get their ideas on paper, or curled up with a good book from one of her favorite authors.

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  1. I love historical books, and I do like Biblical based “retellings”(idk of a better word to use) a lot. This one seems like I would be very mind opening and sweet to read. Ruth has always been one of my favorites so I love stories that are based and centered on her. The cover is really nice as well!

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