September 2023 New Releases

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September 2023 New Releases

Happy September! This year is just flying by for me – anyone else? This month, I celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary and our nephew’s 18th birthday… and FALL!!! As I say hello to my favorite time of year, I am also saying hello to a new month of new books. There are tons of great books on my radar in September! There are over 100 titles on this list of September 2023 New Releases, and they comprise a range of genres – contemporary, historical, cozy mystery, suspense, Amish fiction, children’s books, fantasy, young adult, and even some nonfiction. And, of course, expect to see lots of romance because it’s me, after all 😉 All books listed are Christian or clean in content, to the best of my knowledge.

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Sept 1

  A Louisiana Christmas to Remember 

The Memory of Tears by Amanda Lewis (contemporary romance)
A Louisiana Christmas to Remember by Smith, St. Amant & Worth (contemporary romance)
The Flower Quilter by Mindy Steele (contemporary romance, Amish) *new series


Cavern’s Curse by Lauralee Bliss (historical romance, 1800s Kentucky)
Becoming Lottie Moon by Emily Hall (children’s biography)

Sept 4

The Beacon Street Bookshop by Carla Laureano

The Beacon Street Bookshop by Carla Laureano (contemporary romance)

Sept 5


She Persisted: Pura Belpré by Meg Medina & Marilisa Jiménez García (children’s biography)
The Greatest Book Ever by Teresa Joyelle Krager (children’s picture book)
Heart Restoration by Regina Rudd Merrick (contemporary romance, re-release) *new series

A Royal Christmas by Melody Carlson    All's Fair in Love and Christmas by Sarah Monzon  You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Toni Shiloh

A Royal Christmas by Melody Carlson (contemporary romance)
The Same Last Name by Valerie Zahn (contemporary romance)
All’s Fair in Love and Christmas by Sarah Monzon (contemporary romance)
You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Toni Shiloh (contemporary romance)

The Light on Halsey Street by Vanessa Miller     

The Light on Halsey Street by Vanessa Miller (contemporary fiction)
Under the Java Moon by Heather B. Moore (historical fiction, WW2)
A Lady’s Promise by Ranee S. Clark (historical romance, Gilded Age)
Captivated by the Cowgirl by Jody Hedlund (historical western romance)


The Queen and the Knave by Sarah M. Eden (historical romance, Victorian)
Like a Ship on the Sea by Kellyn Roth (historical romance, Victorian) *new series
A Counterfeit Betrothal by Denise Weimer (historical romance, 1800s Georgia) *new series
The Rose by Cara Grandle (historical western romance)

Facing the Enemy by DiAnn Mills

When the Curlews Call by Joanne Markey (historical mystery, 1940s)
Facing the Enemy by DiAnn Mills (romantic suspense)
Honesty with God by Dan Schaeffer (nonfiction, spiritual growth)
Tis the Season Family Advent Activity Book from Ink & Willow

    Until Then by Cindy & Erin Woodsmall  Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other by Bethany Turner

The Gift of the Outsider by Alicia J. Akins (nonfiction, spiritual growth)
Kingdom Focus by Tony Evans (nonfiction, spiritual growth)
Until Then by Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall (time travel romance, Amish)
Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other by Bethany Turner (contemporary romance)

Sept 6


Love Like a Cowboy’s Smile by Carolyne Aarsen (contemporary romance)
Deadly Vendetta by Roxanne Rustand (romantic suspense) *new series

Sept 7


Lake Shore Wandering by Jennifer Rodewald (contemporary romance) *new series
The Fall Back Plan by Melanie Jacobson (contemporary romance)

Sept 12


April’s Promise by Terrie Todd (historical fiction, WW2)
Beneath the Swirling Sky by Carolyn Leiloglou (middle grade fiction) *new series
Countin’ On Jesse by Mary Pat Johns (contemporary romance) *new series
The Millionaire’s Amish Bride by Alison Stone (contemporary romance, Amish)

Wildflower Falls by Denise Hunter     

Wildflower Falls by Denise Hunter (contemporary romance)
The Heirloom by Beverly Lewis (contemporary romance, Amish)
The Eternity Gate by Katherine Briggs (young adult fantasy) *new series
Educating Elizabeth by Jennifer Moore (historical romance, Victorian)


A Spicy Predicament by Tyora Moody (cozy mystery)
Crowned with Glory by Jasmine L. Holmes (nonfiction, history)
Being Elisabeth Elliot by Ellen Vaughn (nonfiction, biography)

Sept 14

  Where Love is Planted by Dawn Kinzer 

Can’t Help Falling by Courtney Walsh (contemporary romance)
Where Love is Planted by Dawn Kinzer (contemporary romance) *new series
A Chapter on Murder by Sue Minix (cozy mystery)

Sept 15


Broken Dreams by Laura Scott (contemporary romance) *new series
Wooing Gertrude by Jodie Wolfe (historical western romance) *new series
Rising Faith by Edie James (romantic suspense)

Sept 18

Donors, Deception & Death by Sally Bayless (cozy mystery)

Sept 19


So Happy to Know You by Annie F. Downs (children’s picture book)
The Wings of Poppy Pendleton by Melanie Dobson (dual timeline mystery)
Fall Back and Find Me by Sarah Hanks (dual timeline fiction)


The Looking-Glass Illusion by Sara Ella (young adult fantasy)
Embracing the Life by Rachael C. Duncan (historical romance, Biblical era)
Redemption in the Wilderness by Andrea Byrd (historical romance, late 1700s Kentucky)

Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas by Vicki Delany   

Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas by Vicki Delany (cozy mystery)
Don’t Close Your Eyes by Mary Alford (romantic suspense) *new series
JESUS by Lisa Harper (nonfiction, devotional)


We Three Kings by Caudill, Putman & Strong (romance novella collection)
Bentonsport: A New Chapter by Lisa Schnedler (time travel romance)
Freedom’s Price by Pegg Thomas (historical fiction, late 1700s Ohio) *new series

Sept 20

Shadowcast by Crystal D. Grant (epic fantasy)

Sept 21


Faking the Fall by Julie Christianson (contemporary romance)
A Convenient Sacrifice by Ann Elizabeth Fryer (historical romance, Regency) *new series
Heart in the Clouds by Jennifer Mistmorgan (historical romance, WW2) *new series

Sept 22

Agape After All by Katherine Robles (contemporary romance)

Sept 23


King of the Crown Imperials by Joanna Alonzo (contemporary romance) *new series
Prevail by Linda K. Rodante (romantic suspense)

Sept 25

The Realtor’s Attendant by Rose Fresquez (contemporary romance)

Sept 26


Coretta’s Journey by Alice Faye Duncan (children’s picture book, biography)
Finding Their Christmas Home by Donna Gartshore (contemporary romance)
Their Surprise Second Chance by Lindi Peterson (contemporary romance)


Redeeming the Cowboy by Lisa Jordan (contemporary romance)
A Companion for Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain (contemporary romance)
Trusting Her Amish Rival by Jackie Stef (contemporary romance, Amish) *new series
The Teacher’s Christmas Secret by Emma Miller (contemporary romance, Amish)


Their Surprise Island Wedding by Anna J. Stewart (contemporary romance)
Her Cowboy’s Promise by Cheryl Harper (contemporary romance)
The Cowboy and the Coach by Anna Grace (contemporary romance)
A Sweet Montana Christmas by Jeannie Watt (contemporary romance)


Tropical Target by Jennifer Pierce (contemporary romance)
On Moonberry Lake by Holly Varni (contemporary romance)
The Prodigal Prince by Carol Moncado (contemporary romance)
The Cost of the Crown by Joy Crain (contemporary romance) *new series

      An Amish Cinderella by Shelley Shepard Gray

The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass by Katie Powner (contemporary fiction)
Amish Christmas Kinner by Worth, Good & Long (romance collection, Amish)
Lost and Found by Suzanne Woods Fisher (contemporary romance, Amish)
An Amish Cinderella by Shelley Shepard Gray (contemporary romance, Amish)

    The Legacy of Longdale Manor of Carrie Turansky  The Secrets Beneath by Kimberley Woodhouse

A Family for the Twins by Christina Rich (historical western romance)
Their Inconvenient Marriage by Elizabeth Rowan (historical western romance)
The Legacy of Longdale Manor by Carrie Turansky (dual timeline romance)
The Secrets Beneath by Kimberley Woodhouse (historical western romance) *new series


Christmas Mittens Murder by Hollis, Cahoon & Day (cozy mystery collection)
Rescuing the Stolen Child by Connie Queen (romantic suspense)
Undercover Operation by Maggie K. Black (romantic suspense)
Christmas Murder Cover-Up by Shannon Redmon (romantic suspense)


Tracked Through the Woods by Laura Scott (romantic suspense)
Seeking Justice by Sharee Stover (romantic suspense)
Hunted at Christmas by Dana R. Lynn (romantic suspense, Amish)
He Walks Among Us by Christy Barritt (suspense/cold case mystery)


Daniel’s Oil by Urcelia Teixeira (mystery)
Can I Borrow a Cup of Hope by Amy Lively (nonfiction, spiritual growth)
Uncrushed by Beth Marshall (nonfiction, grief)


This Homeward Ache by Amy Baik Lee (nonfiction, spiritual growth)
Star of Wonder by Angela Hunt (nonfiction, Christmas devotional)
A Gift for All Time by Ashley, Carlisle & Withers (Christmas novella collection)

In case you needed more to add to your reading list, don’t forget you can see all the September 2023 New Releases in one place by clicking HERE.

What about you? Which September 2023 New Releases are you most anxious to read? What makes you excited about these books?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here OR in my amazon list, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books no matter how hard I try LOL! Please feel free to leave your September 2023 release info for Christian / clean fiction in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for featuring Heart Restoration! My plan is to add 3 more books to the RenoVations Inc. series after the first three – fingers crossed! Excited about Mary Pat Johns’ Countin’ on Jesse! I did a little editing on that one – loved it!

  2. Regina

    So many good books coming out this month! 🙂 My TBR 📚 is growing at a rapid rate. My son bought me “Until Then” and I’ve had “The Heirloom”, ” Lost and Found “, ” On Moonberry Lake”, “The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass”, and ” An Amish Cinderella” on preorder for a while. I’m looking forward to reading all of them! 😊💗📚

  3. Oh wow! How do you do that?? So many good books! I can’t believe all I have to mark as TBR-and check them out on Amazon. And thank you so much for including mine. What a nice surprise. Now I have to go back and look through these again. I definitely went through them too fast before. 🙂

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