Top Ten Tuesday: Some of My Fave Siblings in Fiction

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Some of My Fave Siblings in Fiction

Happy Tuesday! Today’s suggested theme for Top Ten Tuesday is ‘Favorite Character Relationships’. Of course we all know how much I love romance, but if I set out to talk about my fave couples we would be here until next year haha. So instead I decided to talk about some of my fave siblings in fiction – and even then I had to cut myself off at twelve. I could have easily kept going for about twelve more, at least. I absolutely adore reading a story or series with close siblings, maybe because I’ve always been pretty close with my own brother. Here’s a pic of us when we were little and a selfie of us that he took on his birthday this year.


PS – Was I singing? Was I being goofy? Who knows. My brother seems highly amused though haha.

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fave siblings Carringtons


Meet Trent, Michael, Adam & Amber on the pages of The Carrington Family series – dual timeline romances (contemporary & historical related threads) by Sarah Monzon

fave siblings Edgewoods

  Positively, Penelope by Pepper Basham  Loyally, Luke by Pepper Basham

Meet Izzy, Penelope, and Luke Edgewood (and their cousin Josie) in the Skymar series – epistolary contemporary romances – by Pepper Basham

fave siblings Lewises

You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Toni Shiloh   

Meet Starr, Angel, Gabe, Eve & Noel on the pages of the Lewis Family series – contemporary Christmas romances – by Toni Shiloh.

fave siblings Marshalls

Meet Knox, Tate, Ford, Wyatt & Ruby Jane on the pages of the Montana Marshall series – romantic suspense – by Susan May Warren.

fave siblings McGregors


Meet Mac, Lance & Finn McGregor in the Men of Valor series – romantic suspense – by Irene Hannon.

fave siblings McKennas

Meet Cole, Piper, Gage, Kayden & Reef on the pages of the Alaskan Courage series – romantic suspense – by Dani Pettrey.

fave siblings Metcalfes


Meet Stone, Willow, Range & Brooke on the pages of The Metcalfes series – romantic suspense – by Ronie Kendig.

fave siblings O'Malleys



Meet Kate, Marcus, Lisa, Jack, Rachel, Stephen & Jennifer on the pages of the O’Malley series – romantic suspense – by Dee Henderson.

fave siblings Petersheims


Meet Andrew, Abraham, Austin and precocious young twins Alfie & Benji on the pages of The Petersheim Brothers series – contemporary romcoms – by Jennifer Beckstrand.

fave siblings Porters

    A Love Like Ours by Becky Wade 

Meet Bo, Ty (my personal fave), Jake & Dru on the pages of the Porter Family series – contemporary romances – by Becky Wade.

fave siblings St. Johns


Meet Isabelle, Chloe, Ruthie, Brady, Lincoln & Derek St. John on the pages of the Blue Justice series – romantic suspense – by Lynette Eason.

fave siblings Wildes


Meet Kylie, Shannon & Bailey Wilde on the pages of the Wild at Heart series – historical western romcoms – by Mary Connealy.

What about you? Do you like reading about brothers & sisters in novels? Who are some of your fave siblings in fiction & what books are they in?

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31 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Some of My Fave Siblings in Fiction

  1. Joy

    I do! And you have listed some of my favorites. One of my recent favorites was sisters Faith and Hope in Lynn Blackburn’s Defend and Protect series. Their dynamic was spot on and I’m so glad Lynn got to put Hope into her own story! (as well as Gil and Emily in the same series) I will forever adore the Bradford sisters by Becky Wade as well. And I’ll add the McAdams siblings from Pepper Basham’s My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge (although it’s hard to not name all of her siblings because she writes them so well!)

    • i know, right? (About Pepper) I had to limit myself to one of her families – I could easily have listed them all! And the same with Becky. I had forgotten about Faith and Hope but I loved them too!

  2. Janice Moore

    I agree with your lists of wonderful siblings! I just finished reading Valerie Fraser’s book Letters from My Sister, and the sisters Emmy and Callie are now added to my list of favorite siblings!

  3. Sandy Avery

    I love series with siblings and have enjoyed all of Becky Wades series and Susan May Warrens series. I’d add the Murphy Brothers Stories by Jennifer Rodewald as favorites too.

    • Pam, the whole series was released independently a couple of years ago, and now a publisher has re-released the first one. So the photo covers came first and then the illustrated one 🙂

  4. Deborah S

    I am so happy I came across this blog post. What a great idea for a discussion. I do find that I enjoy sibling dynamics in novels! My heart is full after reading “Pretend with Me” (contemporary romance) by Emily Mayer. Sutton and her sister kept me laughing throughout the novel and I found them very relatable in that there are plenty of times that I really want to strangle my brother (lol). This book is a great mix of Southern charm, comedy, a slow-burn romance, and really likable characters. It is the first book in the Beacon Hill series and now I am forced to wait for the next one to come out! Highly recommend and I hope you enjoy the sister’s relationship as much as I did!
    Here is a link to the author’s page if you want to check it out –

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