Book Review: Killer Hooks by Betty Hechtman

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Killer Hooks book review

Killer Hooks by Betty HechtmanKILLER HOOKS by Betty Hechtman
Crochet Mysteries #15

GENRE: Cozy Mystery (Clean)
PUBLISHER: Beyond the Page
RELEASE DATE: September 26, 2023
PAGES: 259

Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers have to read between the lines when a bookstore event turns fatal in the new Crochet Mystery by national bestselling author Betty Hechtman.

There’s never a dull moment for amateur sleuth Molly Pink. Without warning, her infant granddaughter has been dumped in her lap for babysitting duties, her son has reluctantly enlisted her help investigating a potential investor in his business, and now she has to manage a high-profile bookstore event for a former Hollywood columnist who’s dishing the dirt in a juicy tell-all. And when the author collapses and dies in the store just as she’s about to reveal an incriminating tidbit, the police suspect foul play and zero in on Molly as the likely culprit.

Getting herself off the hook won’t be easy, but Molly and the Tarzana Hookers are convinced that whoever did the deed wanted to silence the author before she could expose their dark secret. As the police continue to needle Molly, certain she’s trying to pull the wool over their eyes with her claims of innocence, she’s also in over her head in a mommy group run by Hollywood power couples—all of whom may have something to hide. As she finally stitches together the loose ends and figures out the killer’s identity, they decide it’s time to silence her too, and Molly has to think fast before she makes a quick trip from her granddaughter’s cradle to the grave . . .

Includes a crochet project and a scrumptious recipe!


From the very first scene where Molly’s ex-daughter-in-law drops her baby off on Molly’s doorstep and takes off to Vancouver for a job, I felt the tension of the whirlwind that is Molly’s current life. Between trying to juggle her bookstore job, her granddaughter (and an upper class play group Molly’s roped into joining), her two ex-boyfriends, her adult sons, her menagerie of pets, her mother’s singing group’s rehearsals in Molly’s living room, a co-worker’s new business, and her crochet club, it’s a wonder Molly didn’t run off the page screaming, “SERENITY NOW!” haha! But not only does she handle all of the above with grace and aplomb, she also manages to help solve some mysteries, too. I really liked Molly and enjoyed my time spent with her in this book. All the chaos around her only made her more entertaining and relatable.

Killer Hooks is my first introduction to this series – and to Betty Hechtman’s work – but I only briefly felt lost as Molly hinted at some past upheaval. An upheaval which is eventually described, thus putting me back on basically the same page as longtime readers of the series and appeasing my curiosity. Even if I’d never figured out what happened, it still wouldn’t have affected my enjoyment of this book; it makes a great stand-alone novel.

The mysteries in this story are layered and more complex than they at first appear, and the fact that Molly is in one detective’s sights as the prime suspect makes them even more so. There are a plethora of subplots (some I’ve mentioned above) that may or may not tie in to the murder(s), and part of the reading fun in Killer Hooks is sorting one from another to stay ahead of Molly’s own sleuthing. Just about the time I thought I had something figured out, a new twist came into play and forced me to reevaluate my suspicions.

Bottom Line: Killer Hooks by Betty Hechtman is entertaining and cleverly plotted, with intriguing layers and a likable protagonist. From her coworkers to her crochet group, her family and friends – plus the new connections she’s making, courtesy of her infant granddaughter – Molly is surrounded by vivid personalities that contribute to the engaging mood of the book. Red herrings, distractions, and suspects galore keep readers on their toes and turning the pages. A fun read for cozy mystery fans, bookstore aficionados, crocheters, movie buffs and true crime followers!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4 stars / enjoyed it!

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Betty Hechtman

Betty Hechtman is the national bestselling author of the Crochet Mysteries and the Yarn Retreat Mysteries. She grew up on the South Side of Chicago and has a degree in Fine Art. Since college, she has studied everything from improv comedy to magic, and has had an assortment of professions, including volunteer farm worker, nanny at a summer resort, waitress at a coffee house, and telephone operator. She lives with her family and stash of yarn in Southern California. You can learn more about Betty and find excerpts from all her books at She blogs on Fridays at, and you can join her on Facebook at BettyHechtmanAuthor.

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