October 2023 New Releases

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October 2023 New Releases

Happy October! Where has this year gone?!? This month, I celebrate my birthday, my BIL’s birthday, and my oldest & youngest nieces’ birthdays… and still hoping FALL will hit soon here in metro Atlanta. Speaking of hitting soon, October has SO MANY GREAT BOOKS releasing!  There are almost 150 titles (what??) on this list of October 2023 New Releases, and they comprise a range of genres – contemporary, historical, cozy mystery, suspense, Amish fiction, children’s books, fantasy, young adult, and even some nonfiction. And, of course, expect to see lots of romance because it’s me, after all 😉 All books listed are Christian or clean in content, to the best of my knowledge.

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oct 1

  A Dare and a Prayer by Julie Lessman  Garden of the Midnights by Hannah Linder

Once Upon a Starry Night by multiple authors (contemporary romance collection)
A Dare and a Prayer by Julie Lessman (historical romance, WW2)
Garden of the Midnights by Hannah Linder (historical romance, Gothic Regency)


New Leash on Life by Kathleen Y’Barbo (cozy mystery)
Sisters by the Sea by Wanda E. Brunstetter & others (contemporary romance, Amish)

oct 2


Someone Murderous at the Midnight Motel by Kris Bock (cozy mystery)
Mixtape Theology by William “Ashley” Mofield & Rachel Cash (non-fiction, spiritual growth)
Shadow of Night by Susan Sleeman (romantic suspense)

oct 3


Once Upon the Very First Christmas by Rory Feek (children’s picture book)
Abounding Hope by Cindy Kay Stewart (historical romance, WW2) *new series
The Edge of Promise by Mesu Andrews (historical short stories, Biblical fiction)

  Busy Betty & the Circus Surprise by Reese Witherspoon 

Chiseled on the Heart by Cooper, Goshorn, Roemer & West (historical romance collection)
Busy Betty & the Circus Surprise by Reese Witherspoon (children’s picture book)
They Say He Flies at Night by Amy Matayo (contemporary women’s fiction)


A River Between Us by Jocelyn Green (historical romance, Civil War)
Broken Bondage by Carmen Peone (contemporary romance)
Heirloom Rooms: Soulful Stories of Home by Erin Napier (non-fiction, home)


Upon Waking by Jackie Hill Perry (non-fiction, devotional)
Lottie Moon: The Girl Who Reached the World by Amy Whitfield (children’s picture book)
Caught on the Book by Laura Gail Black (cozy mystery)


The Mystery of the Log Cabin by Jodi Allen Brice (cozy mystery)
Windsong Manor by Julie Wright (historical romance, Regency)
An Amiable Alliance by Laura Beers (historical romance, Regency)
Critical Response by Laura Scott (romantic suspense)

Into the Fire by Irene Hannon  Against the Wind by Amanda Cabot 

Into the Fire by Irene Hannon (romantic suspense) *new series
Against the Wind by Amanda Cabot (historical western romance)
Mine to Share by Debbie Gilliland (contemporary women’s fiction)

Appalachian Song by Michelle Shocklee   

Appalachian Song by Michelle Shocklee (historical fiction, Smoky Mountains)
The Last Exchange by Charles Martin (contemporary fiction)
Christmas in the Crosshairs by Eason, Angelo, Underwood & Abrams (romantic suspense collection)

oct 4


Holiday Menace by multiple authors (romantic suspense collection)
Marrying the Rancher’s Daughter by Tara Grace Ericson (contemporary romance, marriage-of-convenience) *new series
Knockout by Lisa Phillips (romantic suspense)

oct 5

    Mabel and the Little Green Men by Susan Kimmel Wright

A Not So Fictional Fall by Savannah Scott (contemporary romance, marriage-of-convenience)
The Worlds of Sherlock Holmes by Andrew Lycett (non-fiction, bookish)
Mabel and the Little Green Men by Susan Kimmel Wright (cozy mystery)

oct 6


Callie and the Pumpkin Seed by Sarah Beran (young adult fantasy, Cinderella retelling)
Kissed By Her Ex by Macie St. James (contemporary romance, second chance at love) *new series

oct 10


The Twelve Hours of Christmas by Jenn Bailey (children’s picture book)
A Christmas Romance by Annette M. Irby (contemporary romance, bookish)
Maggie and Max by Jennifer Beckstrand (historical western romance)
Lights, Camera, Christmas Town! by multiple authors (contemporary romance collection)


Deadly Christmas Secret by Karen Randau (romantic suspense)
Where the Desert Blooms by Sierra A. Elliott (historical fiction, Biblical era)
My True Love Gave to Me by Karen Witemeyer (historical western romance, short story)
Word Nerds Unite! by Webb Garrison (non-fiction, bookish)

      Homeward by Angela Jackson-Brown

Curses and Buried Things by Caroline George (young adult fiction)
Snow Place Like Home by Lacey Baker (contemporary romance, second chance at love)
A Midnight Masquerade by Johns, Johnson & Lyon (historical romance, Georgian)
Homeward by Angela Jackson-Brown (historical fiction, Civil Rights Movement)

    Overdue or Die by Allison Brook

The Mermaid’s Tale by L.E. Richmond (young adult fantasy) *new series
Baking Spirits Bright by Sarah Fox (cozy mystery)
Overdue or Die by Allison Brook (cozy mystery)

The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater by Jaime Jo Wright    The River Queen by Stephenia H. McGee

The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater by Jaime Jo Wright (dual timeline romantic suspense)
A Trail Untamed by Lacy Williams (historical western romance)
The River Queen by Stephenia H. McGee (historical romance, 1920s) *new series

    Creed by Susan May Warren

Rumors and Promises by Kathleen Rouser (historical frontier romance, re-issue) *new series
Children of the Shadows by Erica Vetsch (historical mystery, Regency)
Creed by Susan May Warren (romantic suspense)

oct 12


Brides, Bribes & Binoculars by Tonya Kappes (cozy mystery)
A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman (contemporary romance, Amish)

oct 12


A Husband for Christmas by Aminata Coote (contemporary romance, twin switch) *new series
Take Me Home by Beth Moran (romantic women’s fiction)
Small Town Secrets by Lillian Duncan (romantic suspense)

oct 16

Grave Secrets by Elle E. Kay (romantic suspense)

oct 17


One Perfect Plan by Nancy Tupper Ling (children’s picture book)
The Book Cook by D.C. Swanson (children’s picture book)
Meet Me at Christmas by Jenny Hale (contemporary romance, second chance at love)

Mama Dated Santa by Amy R. Anguish     

Mama Dated Santa by Amy R. Anguish (contemporary romance, toy store)
Billionaire Under the Christmas Lights by Hannah Jo Abbott (contemporary romance, forced proximity)
To Bind Fire by D. E. Carlson (young adult fantasy romance) *new series
Better Watch Out by Natalie Walters (contemporary romance/adventure) *new series

Near in the Night by Emily Ley (non-fiction, devotional)
Mistletoe and Murder by Connie Berry (cozy mystery)
Murder by the Seashore by Samara Yew (cozy mystery) *new series
Promise Me Christmas by Marguerite Martin Gray (historical romance, Revolutionary War)


I Didn’t Sign Up For This by Sarah E. Frazer (non-fiction, spiritual growth)
A Nutcracker Nightmare by Christina Romeril (cozy mystery)
Shadows at Dusk by Elizabeth Goddard (romantic suspense)
Marshaling Her Heart by Mary Connealy (historical western romance)

  Havoc by Ronie Kendig   

The Amish Matchmakers by Beth Wiseman (contemporary romance, Amish)
Havoc by Ronie Kendig (romantic suspense) *new series
A Horseman’s Mission by Sandra Ardoin (contemporary romance, single mom)
Running to You by Robin Patchen (romantic suspense) *new series

oct 18


Amid the Ashes by Milla Holt (contemporary romance, wounded hearts)
Not Quite Mr. Darcy by Kim Griffin (romantic women’s fiction)
Deadly Noel by Roxanne Rustand (romantic suspense)


Remembering the Rancher by Liwen Y. Ho (contemporary romance, amnesia)
Trust Me by LM Karen (contemporary romance, bookish, romcom)

oct 19

Fugitive of Talionis by C.J. Milacci (young adult dystopian)

oct 20


Crushed Promises by Laura Scott (contemporary romance, medical)
Summon the Light by Tor Thibeaux (fantasy retelling of The Tempest)

oct 21

Notorious by Tamara Leigh (historical medieval romance)

oct 24

Traveling Shoes by Alice Faye Duncan (children’s picture book)
Jane and the Final Mystery by Stephanie Barron (historical mystery)
The Song of Hearts Set Free by Darlene Panzera (historical romance, Underground Railroad)
Never Happen to You by Christy Barritt (romantic suspense)


The Warmth of Snow by Heidi Eljarbo (historical romance, Regency)
Miss de Bourgh’s Timely Hero by D. R. Lynn (historical romance, Regency)
Christmas Blizzard Rescue by Veronica Forand (romantic suspense)
Mountain Storm Survival by Cathy McDavid (romantic suspense)


Snowbound with the Rodeo Star by Tanya Agler (contemporary romance, surprise baby)
A Family for Thanksgiving by M.K. Stelmack (contemporary romance, child’s guardians)
His Christmas Cowgirl by Cari Lynn Webb (contemporary romance, fake dating)
A Boy’s Amish Christmas by Patricia Johns (contemporary romance, snowed-in)


Thanksgiving Blessing by Marta Perry (contemporary romance, Amish)
The Cowboy’s Christmas Compromise by Jill Kemerer (contemporary romance, single parents) *new series
Their Holiday Secret by Betsy St. Amant (contemporary romance, fake dating)
The Doctor’s Christmas Dilemma by Danielle Thorne (contemporary romance, single dad)

  Julia Monroe Begins Again by Rebekah Millet   

A Country Christmas by Lisa Carter (contemporary romance, opposites attract)
Julia Monroe Begins Again by Rebekah Millet (contemporary romance, second chance at love)
Home Team 2 by Dave Pratt (military romantic suspense)
Abducted at Christmas by Rhonda Starnes (romantic suspense)


Crime Scene Conspiracy by Jessica R. Patch (romantic suspense) *new series
Deadly Yellowstone Secrets by Kari Trumbo (romantic suspense)
Marked to Die by Kathleen Tailer (romantic suspense)
Killer Christmas Evidence by Sami A. Abrams (romantic suspense)


Snowbound Escape by Dana Mentink (romantic suspense)
Ransom Rescue by Katy Lee (romantic suspense)
Bonding Over the Amish Baby by Pamela Desmond Wright (contemporary romance, Amish)
An Unusual Winter Match by Vannetta Chapman (contemporary romance, Amish)


Happily Ever After on Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand (contemporary romance, Amish)
Christmas at the Jekyll Island Club by Blossom Turner (historical romance, Gilded Age)
Skye Fall by Paige Edwards (romantic suspense)

oct 26


The Prodigal Prince by Carol Moncado (contemporary romance, royalty)
Witness, Woods & Wedding by Tonya Kappes (cozy mystery)

oct 27


Chase the Legend by Hannah Kaye (fantasy retelling of Moby Dick)
Crossroads by C.C. Warrens (suspense)
Ranger Integrity by Lynn Shannon (romantic suspense)

oct 28

An Autumn Boyfriend Disaster by Lisa H. Catmull (contemporary romance, romantic comedy)

oct 30


Death by Theft by Abigail Keam (cozy mystery)
Written on the Mist by Naomi Rawlings (historical western romance)
A Joyful Heart by Cecily K. Wolfe (contemporary romance, fake dating)
Making Music Together by Angela Joseph (contemporary romance, love triangle)

oct 31


On the Line by Jennifer Jones (children’s picture book)
One Starry Christmas by Mary A. Felkins (contemporary romance, second chance at love)
The Bungalow on Shadow Road by Christy Barritt (romantic mystery)


Being Henry: The Fonz … and Beyond by Henry Winkler (non-fiction, autobiography)
Dial K for Kiss by Tanya Eavenson (contemporary romance, second chance at love)
The Letter Tree by Rachel Fordham (historical romance, 1920s)
Spoon To Be Dead by Dana Mentink (cozy mystery)


A Deeper Love by Heidi Gray McGill (contemporary romance, vacation)
Home for an Amish Christmas (contemporary romance, Amish)
Dead Shadow by Candle Sutton (suspense)

In case you needed more to add to your reading list, don’t forget you can see ALL the October 2023 New Releases by clicking HERE.

What about you? Which October 2023 New Releases are you most anxious to read? What makes you excited about these books?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here OR in my amazon list, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books no matter how hard I try LOL! Please feel free to leave your October 2023 release info for Christian / clean fiction in the comments.

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  1. Lelia “Lucy” Reynolds

    So many good books. I just finished Against the Wind by Amanda Cabot and it was so goooood. I’m reading The Amish Matchmaker by Beth Wiseman now. I love Esther and Lizzie.

  2. D.C. Swanson

    Many thanks for including The Book Cook on your list – much appreciated, and hope you enjoy it. Best wishes,
    D.C. Swanson

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