Book Review: The Realtor’s Attendant by Rose Fresquez

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The Realtor's Attendant book review

The Realtor's Attendant by Rose FresquezTHE REALTOR’S ATTENDANT by Rose Fresquez
The Caregivers #7

GENRE: Contemporary Romance (Christian)
RELEASE DATE: September 25, 2023
PAGES: 301

She’s escaping an arranged marriage. He’s recovering from a disastrous wedding. When sparks fly between them, will they brave a second chance at love?

Touted as the ideal daughter, Hope Njeri chafes under her dad’s strict rule and dreams of discovering who she is beyond his influence and traveling the world beyond his threshold. So, when he tries to pressure her into an arranged marriage, she flees Kenya for Uganda, determined to become the woman she’s always kept hidden. Even if that means working around the clock as a hotel maid and putting up with her overly critical boss.

After being left at the altar, small-town Realtor Gavin Kress jumps at the opportunity to spend a year in Uganda doing charity work. Maybe some distance from his ex will help him heal. Dating is the last thing on his mind—until the beautiful Hope stumbles into his life and restarts his heart. When he witnesses her boss verbally harass her, Gavin steps in to help—and gets her fired. With no other options, she accepts his offer to work with his charity organization. But as their feelings blossom, Hope and Gavin must decide how hard they’re willing to fight for true love—especially when they travel back to his small town and his ex wants a second chance.

Gavin’s let a woman walk away before, and Hope’s always let everything get taken away from her. But this time, can Gavin trust the woman he loves isn’t going to walk out? And if Hope fights for the love of her life, can she stand up to his parents who aren’t fond of her?

This is the seventh and last standalone book that concludes The Caregiver series. Each book can be read in any order.


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I’ve been wanting to read Rose Fresquez’s Caregivers series for a while now and finally decided I needed to be intentional about it. I chose the most recent one to read which also happens to be the final one. Nothing like starting a series at the end haha! Not to worry though, this reads very well as a standalone. There are characters from the other books who play a role in this story, but I never felt lost – just knew that I want to go back and read their stories too!

Hope is my kind of heroine. She has a quiet, inner strength that has helped her survive the harsh treatment she’s received in life, and she has a kind spirit despite not having much kindness extended to her. It’s also clear that God has been speaking into her life for many years (unbeknownst to her), preparing her heart to be receptive when she sees Jesus’s love and the gospel being lived out in Uganda by Brady & Ruth (from The Entrepeneur’s Nurse) and the others at the clinic/mission. Gavin is a good guy and, while he’s not perfect, he’s so different from any of the men in Hope’s life that his kindness and respect stand out to her. Enough that, instead of running away from him too, she runs with him to work in Brady & Ruth’s charity clinic/mission. Their road to happily ever after isn’t all smooth, though. They both have a lot of inner work to do… and a trio of very difficult women to navigate around.

I really enjoyed the glimpse of African culture that we’re given in The Realtor’s Attendant. Fresquez immerses us into the rural Ugandan setting with the food, the traditions, the language, and the people. I especially found the bride wealth payment in both Uganda and Kenya to be intriguing. Not only for the cultural insight but also for the spiritual significance. A bride price or dowry is something very foreign to most Americans, and in fiction we mostly only read about it in historical / Regency novels. So, to see it in a contemporary setting, stood out and because it stood out it made me stop and think even more about the fact that Jesus paid the price for us – His bride – with His life.

Bottom Line: The Realtor’s Attendant by Rose Fresquez is a touching romance that grapples graceFULLy with real life issues and points readers to the love of Jesus. Hope and Gavin – two broken souls in need of healing – have many hurdles to overcome if they’re going to make a romantic relationship between them work, not the least of which is that one is Kenyan and one is American. But readers will fall easily for both characters and their growth journeys in this story, and they will be rooting for Hope & Gavin’s happily-ever-after from the first moment we see them both on the page. A sweet and fun epilogue will delight both fans of the series and those like me who are just discovering it, and while this is the final book I’m hoping that Gavin’s brother will eventually get his own story too!

(I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I read via Kindle Unlimited. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4 stars / enjoyed it!

KissingBook Level: 3+ / will forget to breathe on occasion

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Rose Fresquez

Rose Fresquez is a stay-at-home mom, with a husband and four kids. In her free time, she likes to spend time outdoors with the family, sing gospel music and plotting her next writing project.

Rose’s writing projects include both Christian non-fiction and Christian fiction. Connect with Rose at her website.

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