Book Review: Turkey Trot Trouble by C.K. Fyfe

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Turkey Trot Trouble book review

Turkey Trot Trouble by C.K. FyfeTURKEY TROT TROUBLE by C.K. Fyfe
GENRE: Romantic Cozy Mystery Short Story (Clean)
RELEASE DATE: October 11, 2023

Nothing good happens in the morning.

Case in point: the Turkey Trot 5K Race. For a night owl like Kenzie, the idea of dragging her bones out of bed to go running at the crack of dawn would typically be a nonstarter, especially on Thanksgiving Day. But her long-time best friend Blaise insisted, and the idea of disappointing him was even worse.

Trotting along with a bunch of cheerful folks in full-on turkey garb is bad enough. But when several runners collapse without explanation, Kenzie realizes she also has a mystery on her hands. As she and Blaise work together to track down whoever sabotaged the race, their relationship is called into question. She must uncover her true feelings for him—even if doing so ends up breaking his heart.

*A romantic cozy mystery short story*

Best friends to more? Fall weather? Cozy mystery? Quick read that doesn’t feel rushed? Yes please!

Confession: I’m typically not a fan of short stories, with a couple of classic exceptions (O’Henry, Poe, Maupassant). I love novellas but stories shorter than that length often feel too quick to me. I can’t get a feel for the characters and just about the time I’m locked in to the plot it ends, almost as an afterthought. That is, however, most definitely NOT the case when it comes to C.K. Fyfe’s romantic cozy mystery short stories. These are quality quick reads that immediately pull you in to a well-developed plot and layered characters, and they leave you satisfied at the conclusion instead of feeling as though you’re missing out on something else.

Turkey Trot Trouble (don’t you love that title?) involves one of my very favorite romance tropes – best friends to more – and Fyfe does a great job of setting up Kenzie & Blaise’s friendship and weaving in the hint of some promising sparks right from the beginning. I enjoyed their interactions and was most definitely rooting for one or both of them to act on their obvious-to-everyone-but-them feelings. These two reminded me of myself and my husband in college, so it was easy to put myself in Kenzie’s shoes as I read this story. And I grinned quite happily at a really sweet & swoony scene in an unlikely romantic setting – loved it!

I’m also with Kenzie in that an early morning 5K is not my idea of a good time, but reading about it is just fine – as long as I’m not the one running it haha. Since this is a cozy mystery, though, I knew it wouldn’t be smooth sailing for this Turkey Trot … and I was right. When runners start dropping like flies, Kenzie can’t help but nose around to investigate what happened to put them all in the hospital and who might have been responsible. She and Blaise make a good team in this arena too, and I enjoyed how it all played out.

Bottom Line: If you’ve only got a quick moment to sit and escape into a feel-good story during this busy entering-into-the-holidays season, then Turkey Trot Trouble by C.K. Fyfe is just right for you! In fact, you’ll likely forget that it’s a short story as you become absorbed in the mystery, the romance, and the engaging characters, but the lower page count makes sure you won’t blink four hours later to find the whole day gone. (Unless of course you start reading another book after this one, and then I can’t help you lol.) Turkey Trot Trouble is an entertaining read, and I’d love to see a series with more Kenzie and Blaise short stories (maybe they can team up with Lindsey and Tyler from Summer Camp Culprit?).

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I read via Kindle Unlimited. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4 stars / loved it!

KissingBook Level: 3 / may forget to breathe on occasion

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C.K. Fyfe

C.K. Fyfe has always enjoyed a good mystery. Fyfe’s childhood love of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys led to a grown-up love of writing cozy mysteries with quirky, funny, and kindhearted characters. Fyfe lives in “The Wolverine State.” Much like wolverines, Fyfe’s villains have vicious dispositions, but the clever sleuths know how to tame their foes’ tempers. Connect with C.K. Fyfe on Facebook.

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