December 2023 New Releases

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December 2023 New Releases

Happy December! I’m still waiting for winter to arrive here in Georgia but while I’m waiting I can occupy my time with all of the FANTASTIC-looking books releasing this month! December is typically a lighter month for new books but there are still 89 titles on this list of December 2023 New Releases that are on my radar, and they comprise a range of genres – contemporary, historical, cozy mystery, suspense, Amish fiction, children’s books, fantasy, and young adult. And, of course, expect to see lots of romance because it’s me, after all 😉 All books listed are Christian or clean in content, to the best of my knowledge.

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dec 1


Marvelous Me by Dominique Okonkwo (children’s picture book)
Christmas Gone Awry by Jeri Stockdale (contemporary romance)
The Juliet Code by Pepper Basham (historical romance/mystery, Venice)


Wild Daisies Bloom by Peggy Trotter (historical western romance)
Home for Christmas by Penny Frost McGinnis (contemporary romance short story)
Miss Harding’s Hope by Rachel Knowles (historical romance, Regency) *new series


Anna’s Christmas Promise by Tamera Lynn Kraft (historical fiction short story, Colonial US)
Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise by Anne Blackburne (contemporary romance, Amish)
Christmas in Cadburn Township by Michelle L. Levigne (cozy mystery short story)
Kissed by Her Fake Fiancé by Macie St. James (contemporary romance)

dec 2

Shadow of Truth by Susan Sleeman (romantic suspense)

dec 4

The Hart of Christmas by Latisha Sexton (contemporary romance) *new series

dec 5


Something Borrowed by Rebecca Connolly (historical romance, Regency)
Frankincense and Folly by Laura Rollins (historical romance, Regency)
The Christmas Clause by Meg Easton (contemporary romance)
Cocoa’s Christmas Love by Josie Riviera (contemporary romance)

    Mayhem in Circulation by Leah Dobrinska 

Christmas Crisis by Laura Scott (romantic suspense)
Sniffing Out Murder by Kallie E. Benjamin (cozy mystery) *new series
Mayhem in Circulation by Leah Dobrinska (cozy mystery)
Moving Mountains by Staci Stallings (contemporary romance)

    Murder of an Amish Bridegroom by Patricia Johns

No Romancing the Passengers by Lee Wimmer (mystery) *new series
The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos by Kelly Irvin (women’s fiction)
Murder of an Amish Bridegroom by Patricia Johns (cozy mystery) *new series

  A Winter by the Sea by Julie Klassen 

Secrets of a Bluestocking by Laura Beers (historical, Regency)
A Winter by the Sea by Julie Klassen (historical romance, Regency)
When Love Comes by Penny Zeller (historical western romance)

dec 6

Deadly Burden by Janet Sketchley (cozy mystery)

dec 7

Helen of Castleford: Have Yourself a Marriage of Convenience by Blue Huxley & Jade Behr (historical romance, Regency)

dec 8

Holiday Hideaway by Unoma Nwankwor (contemporary romance)

dec 9

The Knighting of Sir Sticky Von Bear by Gabriel & Kelly Shields (children’s picture book)

dec 11

Shade Grown by Heather Day Gilbert 

Shade Grown by Heather Day Gilbert (cozy mystery)
Never Hire a Hero by Regina Scott (historical romance, Regency)

dec 12


Murder on a Snowy Evening by Lynn Cahoon (cozy mystery)
Unlikely Sacrifice by Jennifer Spredemann (contemporary romance, Amish)
Resurgence of Dawn by Brett Armstrong (fantasy)
Trust the Stars by Tricia Goyer (contemporary romance)

    Calling on the Matchmaker by Jody Hedlund

Cyanide and Sensibility by Katie Oliver (cozy mystery)
His Seventh Stop by Liz Isaacson (contemporary romance)
Calling on the Matchmaker by Jody Hedlund (historical romance, 1849 St. Louis) *new series

dec 13

Bidding on a Second Chance by Emily Conrad

Bidding on a Second Chance by Emily Conrad (contemporary romance)

dec 14

The Holiday Puppy by Roxanne Rustand (romantic suspense)

dec 15


The Reluctant Billionaire by Elizabeth Marie (contemporary romance)
The Secret’s in the Scones by Leslie Lantrip (cozy mystery)
The Romance Fiasco by Ellie Hall (contemporary romance)


Holiday Haven by Laura Scott (contemporary romance)
Fall of the Forgotten Phoenix by Sarah Beran (fantasy, retelling)
Once Upon a Time in Millsbury by Iris Lim (historical romance, Regency)

dec 18


Saved by the Lawman by Margaret Daley (romantic suspense, re-release)
Saved by the SEAL by Susan Sleeman (romantic suspense, re-release)

dec 19


Be My Valenslime by Kris Tarantino (children’s picture book)
Bunny with a Big Heart by Marilyn Sadler (children’s picture book)
Forever Merry Christmas by Roxie Clarke (contemporary romance)


Dial H For Hallelujah by JoAnn Durgin (contemporary romance)
Shrouded Past by Mary Alford (romantic suspense)
Falling for a Shy Cowboy by Karen Baney (contemporary romance)
She Persisted: Opal Lee by Shelia P. Moses (children’s biography)

dec 20

Christmas at Northbury Inn by Courtney Willis (historical romance, Regency)

dec 21

Santa Claus Surprise by Tonya Kappes (cozy mystery)

dec 22

Forever With You by Imani Price (contemporary romance)

dec 26


Coconut Drop Dead by Olivia Matthews (cozy mystery)
Flamerider by Tayor Hunter (young adult fantasy)
Deep Fried Death by Madde Day (cozy mystery)

Amish Love Letters by Shelley Shepard Gray  Home From the Storm by Laurel Blount   

Amish Love Letters by Gray, Hubbard & Lauer (contemporary romance collection, Amish)
Home from the Storm by Laurel Blount (contemporary romance, Amish)
The Marine’s Deadly Reunion by Loretta Eidson (romantic suspense)
Vigilante Justice by Jacquelin Thomas (romantic suspense)


The Teacher’s Unexpected Gift by Syndi Powell (contemporary romance)
Hill Country Home by Kit Hawthorne (contemporary romance)
Second Chance Deputy by Alexis Morgan (contemporary romance)
Grace and the Cowboy by Mary Anne Wilson (contemporary romance)

  Saving the Single Dad's Bookstore by Nicole Lam  For the Sake of Her Sons by Allie Pleiter 

The Guardian Agreement by Lorraine Beatty (contemporary romance)
Saving the Single Dad’s Bookstore by Nicole Lam (contemporary romance)
For the Sake of Her Sons by Allie Pleiter (contemporary romance)
Finding Their Way Back by Jenna Mindel (contemporary romance)

    Hunted in the Mountains by Addie Ellis

Montana Witness Chase by Sharon Dunn (romantic suspense)
Undercover Baby Rescue by Maggie K. Black (romantic suspense)
Hunted in the Mountains by Addie Ellis (romantic suspense)


Dangerous Ranch Threat by Karen Kirst (romantic suspense)
Buried Grace Secrets by Darlene L. Turner (romantic suspense)
Tracking Stolen Treasures by Lisa Phillips (romantic suspense)


The Paris Housekeeper by Renee Ryan (historical fiction, WW2)
Her Scandalous Amish Secret by Jocelyn McClay (contemporary romance, Amish)
An Amish Mother for His Child by Patricia Johns (contemporary romance, Amish)

dec 27


Felix’s Christmas Mail Order Bride by P. Creeden (historical western romance)
Hidden Depths by Shawna Coleing (romantic suspense)

dec 28

Lake Shore Splendor by Jennifer Rodewald (contemporary romance)

dec 29

The Road Home by Carol J. Post (contemporary romance)

dec 31


No Mistletoe Kiss for a Cowboy by Alexa Verde (contemporary romance)
Capturing His Attention by Jenna Brandt (suspenseful contemporary romance)

Whew! In case you needed more to add to your reading list, don’t forget you can see ALL the December 2023 New Releases by clicking HERE.

What about you? Which December 2023 New Releases are you most anxious to read? What makes you excited about these books?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here OR in my amazon list, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books no matter how hard I try LOL! Please feel free to leave your December 2023 release info for Christian / clean fiction in the comments.

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    Is that book by Elizabeth Marie legit? It looks like a copycat book of Elizabeth Maddreys billionaire books. Shame on that person for trying to fool me into thinking it was a new book by one of my favorite authors.

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