It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (Reads) GIVEAWAY: The Inheritance Clause

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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Reads 2023

today’s 2nd book: The Inheritance Clause

We are continuing this year’s blog series spotlighting (over 70 this year) new and recently-released Christmas reads! This is the 7th year for the Christmas Reads Giveaway series, and I think I get more excited about it every year 🙂 Christmas is only FIVE DAYS away! So… snuggle in, grab your fave hot beverage (wassail anyone?) and comfiest blanket, turn on some Christmas tunes and start your bookish Christmas list! And no doubt you know the drill by now – there are GIVEAWAYS with EACH POST in this series??!! (Because authors are awesome!)

The Inheritance Clause by Dalyn Weller

SERIES: Wild Rose Ridge Christmas #5
Contemporary Romance (Clean)

PUBLISHER: Morning Mocha Press
RELEASE DATE: November 14, 2023
PAGES: 144


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Dawson scrounged up his shaving bag and hit the shower. It was unlikely that everything was rosy on the Rosmund’s ranch. He tried to piece together how the Wild Rose outfit worked as he dug out a clean pair of Wranglers and a pearl snap button up from his duffel. He brushed his teeth and examined his bruised face in the mirror. He’d broken his share of hearts, but Stormy didn’t seem like the kind of woman to let her heart get snared. That is, if she even had one. That woman was stone cold tough.

Showered and dressed, he hollered at Hoot to take his turn, then discovered some expensive-looking coffee beans and a coffee grinder in a kitchen cupboard and brewed a pot. He needed all his senses alert. Maybe cleaned up and shaved, he’d have his customary influence on the ladies at the dinner table.

He poured a mug and set it near on the counter for Hoot before making himself comfortable on the sofa with a mug of his own. Hoot didn’t shower often but when he did, he took an age.

Dawson took stock of the cabin. It was clean and neat. At least it was before they’d dumped their belongings inside. He put his feet up on the cedar coffee table and replayed their arrival. Particularly the part where Stormy eyed them with a crackling mad spark in her brown eyes.

He had a way of finding bad girls, good times, and more than his share of trouble. But he’d never been up close and personal with a woman quite like Stormy. Self-possessed. Business-like. She reminded him of a wild mustang mare. He grinned until Hoot came out of the bathroom with a pink towel wrapped around his waist and scowled at him.

After finishing the pot of coffee, Hoot and Dawson brushed off their boots, shrugged on their fleece lined jackets, and headed to the lodge, Dawson toting the old dog under one arm. When they reached the porch, Dawson’s tortured belly grumbled at the aroma of fried chicken and garlic.

“I smell fresh baked bread,” Hoot said the words like he was afraid it might be his imagination. “I haven’t had anything but black coffee and a stale granola bar all day. A man can’t live on that.”

Dawson sniffed the air. “Do you smell apple pie?”

The door opened before Dawson could knock. Stormy stepped outside, glowering as she snatched the dog from him and pushed two shovels into his hands.

Dawson stared down stupidly.

“You cowboys get dinner after you fill those ruts you left in my driveway.” Her voice was hard. “Go on.” She commanded them like two bad dogs before slamming the door in Dawson’s face.

“Appears I’ve wasted my extra shower.” Hoot tugged one of the shovels free and stomped back down the stairs.

Dawson followed him with slow steps. He ignored the growling of his stomach to concentrate on the thrumming of his heart.

Stormy Rosmund was …amazing.

COPYRIGHT © 2023 Dalyn Weller. Used with permission

Dalyn Weller

Dalyn Weller writes inspirational, small-town romance novels with sweet sizzle and a pinch of humor.

She lives on a horse ranch surrounded by apple orchards and cattle in Washington State with her own tall, dark, & handsome.

Two beautiful horses, three dogs, a flock of chickens, three retired dairy goats, and a few barn cats make their home on the ranch.

Dalyn enjoys her family, horses, gardening, morning mocha cappuccinos, and afternoon tea. She writes from a cozy office overlooking the barn. Connect with Dalyn at her website where you can find her & the critters on social media and sign up for her newsletter.

The Inheritance Clause giveaway

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What about you? What makes you want to read The Inheritance Clause by Dalyn Weller?

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  1. Kasi Walas

    I’m drawn to ‘The Inheritance Clause’ by Dalyn Weller for its intriguing premise that combines family dynamics, mystery, and perhaps a bit of romance. The title suggests a story centered around an inheritance with potentially complex and unexpected stipulations, which promises a compelling plot. I’m curious to see how Weller explores the relationships and conflicts that can arise from such a scenario. The idea of characters navigating through family secrets, challenges, and perhaps discovering love along the way is captivating. I anticipate a story that is not only engaging in terms of plot but also rich in character development and emotional depth. Weller’s ability to weave a tale that is both entertaining and thought-provoking is something I’m looking forward to experiencing in this novel.

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