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Cover Love Handwriting top ten tuesday

Happy Tuesday, reading friends! I’m doing my own theme today for the Top Ten Tuesday link-up (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) because if I talked about books I wanted to read last year but didn’t get to yet we would be here for an eternity lol. Instead, I’m taking a page from Janine Rosche’s 2024 Reader’s Almanac (specifically her invaluable social media prompts). Today is National Handwriting Day so I thought it would be fun to do a cover love post featuring recent & upcoming books with handwritten fonts!

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8 Down by Kimberley Woodhouse
Romantic Suspense

8 bodies down.

8 more lives at stake.

Investigator Carrie Kintz is new blood with the Alaska Bureau of Investigation in Anchorage. But with a serial killer on the loose, there’s no easing into the job. It’s sink or swim. The only clues to help law enforcement stop this madman are the taunts he drops into crossword puzzles across the country–always in the same 8 DOWN position.

Calling in security specialist Scott Patteson for his expertise seems like the right move–until Carrie realizes that he may be a dangerous distraction for her heart. But with a killer who is determined to prove that he’s smarter than everyone else, it may be impossible to fight both the madman and their feelings for each other . . .

a surefire love by emily conrad
contemporary romance

Twenty-six and guardian to her preteen sister, Blaze is determined to give her sister the stability she never had. Her church is a big part of that plan, until a run-in with an uptight youth pastor derails their progress. Blaze goes toe-to-toe with a man who looked down on her back in high school—and volunteers for his team of youth leaders.

A survivor of the wreck that took his high school basketball coach, Anson sacrificed a promising athletic career to pick up Coach Voss’s legacy. Now a youth pastor, his mission to offer students real hope clashes with a leadership board that’s more concerned about numbers.

As his allies turn their backs and Blaze explores the impact of undiagnosed ADHD on the patterns of her life, Blaze and Anson find unexpected support in each other. Perhaps her preconceived ideas about him are as far off base as his are about her and her sister. When scandal ignites around them, will their love prove to be surefire—or crash and burn?

an opportune proposal by ann elizabeth fryer
historical/Regency romance

Vicar’s daughter Jane Hartford is invited to stay at Butterton Hall, the home of a distant cousin who promises to introduce her to polite society. When strange things begin to happen, Jane suspects that she isn’t wanted at Butterton Hall after all.

Questions abound as deaths increase. How is her life connected to those of the Banbury scandal? Who can she trust? And why is she now in danger?

She finds an unlikely ally in Lord Camden’s handsome solicitor as he makes a gallant effort to protect her. Will an opportune proposal keep her safe?

Book series best enjoyed in order.

between you and us by Kendra Broekhuis
women’s fiction

When Leona Warlon heads across the city to meet her husband, David, for a rare dinner out, she hopes they can share a moment of relief after their year of loss. But Leona quickly realizes this is no ordinary date night. She hasn’t just stepped into an upscale ristorante; she’s stepped into a different version of her life. One in which her marriage is no longer tender, in which her days are pressured by her powerful in-laws, and in which her precious baby girl lived.

Now Leona must weigh the bitter and sweet of both trajectories, facing an unimaginable choice: Stay in a world where tragedy hasn’t struck but where the meaningful life she built with David is gone? Or return to a reality that’s filled with struggle and sorrow but also deep and enduring love?

Dysfunction Junction by robin w. pearson
women’s fiction

Frances Mae Livingston’s firm grip of her family’s destructive history makes her hold her husband and four children even closer. But she’s losing bits of herself while proving to everybody and her mama that she’s enough. There’s no way she’ll repeat her mama’s mistakes, even if it kills her.

Annabelle McMillan didn’t have trouble kicking the Eastern North Carolina dust off her feet. The tough part was replanting herself in familiar soil. Now she’s blending her old life with her new husband, stepson, and unborn child. And battling old memories of abandonment and new fears of rejection.

Dr. Charlotte Winters has built a career around helping others sort through their emotional baggage. She’s also spent a lifetime refusing to unpack her own. So what if Charlotte doesn’t recall all that her mama did to her and what her daddy didn’t do for her? Her only mission is to help others help themselves…until the women from her past and the man in her future undo her well-sewn life.

Just for the Summer by melody carlson
contemporary romance

Ginny Masters manages a popular boutique hotel in Seattle and manages it with aplomb. But the daily challenges and irritations of a fast-paced job and a demanding boss are starting to get to her. Jacqueline Potter manages her grandfather’s fishing lodge in Idaho because it was the only job she could find after graduating with her hospitality degree. She’s grateful for the work but longs for a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan life she’s just not going to find in this backwoods town.

The solution to both their problems seems obvious. Just for the summer, they’ll swap jobs and lifestyles. But they never anticipated swapping love interests …

In this fabulous new twist on an age-old fable, award-winning and bestselling author Melody Carlson introduces you to two career-focused women who are about to discover that there’s more to finding happiness than just switching up the scenery.

Love on the Ropes by mary Rudder
contemporary romance

Love on the Ropes by Mary RudderAs a professional wrestler, Mackenzie “Mack” Siler is accustomed to taking some hits. But the death of her best friend, Samantha Lee, has knocked her so far down she doesn’t see a way back up. All Mack can think about are the three orphaned children left behind. When a letter shows up asking for a favor, Mackenzie sets out on a mission to help the family heal. However, there is one person in the Lee household that will not enjoy her company, and he and Mack go way back.

Taehyun “Tae” Lee is realizing that losing his brother and sister-in-law in a tragic car accident was only the beginning of his life changes. Appointed as the legal guardian of his niece and two nephews, he is suddenly a parent overnight to three grieving children. With the weight of the family on his shoulders Tae is struggling to keep up. He can’t let anyone see the cracks forming in his carefully constructed façade. Especially not the woman that has shown up on his doorstep. The one that he hasn’t stopped thinking about since college.

As time goes by, and old feelings begin to resurface, could it be possible that in years of growing apart their hearts remained together?

shade grown by heather day gilbert
cozy mystery

Shade Grown by Heather Day GilbertDuring Lewisburg’s popular summer home and garden tour, Macy and her brother Bo discover new aspects of their hometown’s history. One of the last homes they visit features a lush commemorative shade garden marking where a Civil War soldier’s bones were buried. As Macy pauses to admire a bed of blue hostas, she glimpses a shadowy shape lying beneath the dinner-plate leaves. It turns out to be the body of famed movie star Cody Franklin, who’d purchased the garden house as a quiet country retreat.

Back at the cafe, Macy speaks with Cody’s distraught sister, who lets slip that she’s afraid her brother’s killer will target her next. Macy’s heart goes out to the bereaved sibling, and she agrees to speak with Cody’s local acquaintances in hopes she’ll uncover some helpful backstory.

But someone powerful is lurking behind the scenes, and Macy has to zoom in on the killer before everything fades to black.

the roads we follow by nicole deese
contemporary romance

this ain’t no promised land by tina shelton
women’s fiction

When her husband dies, Charlotte can’t face the things she’s done that could tear her family apart. So she drops a goodbye letter in the cookie jar and flees south to escape everything–her life, her three daughters, the mistakes she’s made, and the secrets eating her alive.

Now Gracey and her sisters are alone on Chicago’s South Side with nothing but their home and belongings. They’re doing everything they can to stay together, but young teens aren’t meant to parent themselves. Their close-knit Black community gathers around them to keep them fed and clothed with the utilities on, but that’s not enough to fix the damage of abandonment.

Hundreds of miles away, Charlotte is struggling to keep her own head above water. She’s made a close friend who talks to her about God in a way Charlotte’s never heard before. But when her demons catch up to her, the shaky peace she tried to build shatters. Even if she’s able to find the courage to embrace motherhood again, will it be enough to save the family she left behind?

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  1. A little detour from today’s topic: Meezecarrie, a year ago you had a post about Dear Henry, Love Edith. I finished the book last week. I haven’t laughed OUTLOUD while reading a book for ages, and this little book had me in stitches. At times the book teetered on silly slapstick (which doesn’t make me laugh), but there was enough substance to keep me reading and giggling. Like you, I lament over all the books I didn’t get read last year. (Your blog has lengthened my TBR list by miles). BUT I press on, and continue to sneak off and turn pages. Love your blog.

  2. What fun topic! You should recommend it to TTT. I don’t think we’ve done this specific one relating to a title yet. I loved looking at all of the different types of handwriting. The ones that really caught my eye were Between You and Us and Shade Grown.

  3. Sandy Avery

    A Surefire Love and The Roads We Follow are already on my list to read. Your list tempts me with a few others now too.

  4. Thanks for including Shade Grown! I love the font my cover designer chose for this series–she’s branded it well. And I love so many of these. I think the thing with handwriting font is it has to be legible. All of these are!

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