Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Read for the First Time in 2023

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Authors I Read for the First Time in 2023

Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is ‘new to me authors I discovered in 2023’ and I’m tweaking it just slightly to be “authors I read for the first time in 2023”. That way I feel better about including the debut authors – and there were some FABULOUS debut authors I read in 2023 so I didn’t want to leave them out! The other authors on this list are those whose books I sadly hadn’t had time to read yet but, now that I have, their backlist and new releases are definitely on my TBR list! One common denominator for all the authors in today’s post – my first experience with their books was a delightful one. And wow, this year I think I read more new-to-me and debut authors than I have in several years! So I’m just including the covers of the first book I read by each author in 2023.

sorted alphabetically by author last name

April 2023 Courage in the Storm  He Should Have Told the Bees by Amanda Cox 

Laurel Blount (Courage in the Storm) – contemporary romance
Amanda Cox (He Should Have Told the Bees) – contemporary fiction
Jennifer Deibel (The Maid of Ballymacool) – historical romance

Always By My Side by Iola Goulton  Window of Opportunity by Heather Greer  Murder at the Library by Ellen Jacobson

Iola Goulton (Always By My Side) – contemporary romance (debut)
Heather Greer (Window of Opportunity) – historical romance
Ellen Jacobson (Murder at the Library) – cozy mystery

    Where Love is Planted by Dawn Kinzer

Jessica Leigh Johnson (Fixed Up) – contemporary romance (debut)
Nadine C. Keels (Love Unfeigned) – contemporary romance
Dawn Kinzer (Where Love is Planted) – contemporary romance

    The Thing About Home by Rhonda McKnight

Samantha Larsen (A Novel Disguise) – historical cozy mystery
Hannah Linder (When Tomorrow Came) – historical romance
Rhonda McKnight (The Thing About Home) – romantic women’s fiction

Window of Peace by Regina Rudd Merrick    Julia Monroe Begins Again by Rebekah Millet

Regina Rudd Merrick (Window of Peace) – historical romance
Gabrielle Meyer (When the Day Comes) – historical time-crossing romance
Rebekah Millet (Julia Monroe Begins Again) – contemporary romance

The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass by Katie Powner  With Every Memory by Janine Rosche  In the Midst of the Storm by Latisha Sexton

Katie Powner (The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass) – contemporary fiction
Janine Rosche (With Every Memory) – contemporary fiction
Latisha Sexton (In the Midst of the Storm) – romantic suspense

Appalachian Song by Michelle Shocklee  Unknown Enemy by Janet Sketchley  A Louisiana Christmas to Remember

Michelle Shocklee (Appalachian Song) – dual timeline fiction
Janet Sketchley (Unknown Enemy) – mystery/suspense
Morgan Tarpley Smith (A Louisiana Christmas to Remember) – contemporary romance (debut)

An American Immigrant by Johanna Rojas Vann  On Moonberry Lake by Holly Varni  Seeing Us by Audrey Wick

Johanna Rojas Vann (An American Immigrant) – contemporary fiction (debut)
Holly Varni (On Moonberry Lake) – romantic women’s fiction (debut)
Audrey Wick (Seeing Us) – contemporary romance

No Matter How Far by Sara Beth Williams    The Girl From the Papers by Jennifer L. Wright

Sara Beth Williams (No Matter How Far) – contemporary romance
Ellen E. Withers (Show Me Betrayal) – dual timeline mystery (debut)
Jennifer L. Wright (The Girl from the Papers) – historical fiction

What about you? Who are some authors you read for the first time in 2023? Which of the books on my list have you read & loved?

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22 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Read for the First Time in 2023

  1. Haley Resseguie

    You discovered some great authors last year. I love Amanda Cox, Michelle Shocklee, Katie Powner, Gabrielle Meyer, and Jennifer Deibel. I have Janine Rosche and Jennifer Wright’s books sitting on my shelf and must read them soon!
    Last year, I read for the first time books by Susan Meissner, Elizabeth Musser, Melanie Jacobson, Sara Brunsvold, Hallee Bridgeman, and Christina Suzann Nelson.
    I love reading new authors and you always blow up my TBR pile with plenty, Carrie!

  2. Amy M.

    Katie Powner was new to me and I immediately started reading all of her backlist. Rebekah Millet’s book blew me away! I couldn’t believe it was her debut. Can’t wait to read whatever she rights next.

  3. LOL, I wasn’t counting but that looked like more than 10 😉 I read 57 new-to-me authors in 2023 so I understand how hard it is to narrow it down!! I haven’t heard of all the ones on your list, but you do feature a lot of great ones 😉 I will be looking into the ones I have not heard of. Thanks for sharing so many!

  4. Okay, as always, your lists leave me in the dust, and I can’t keep up. The author on your list whose books I have read and enjoyed is Katie Powner. Happy reading to all!

  5. Colleen Hudson

    The only book on your list that I have read is When the Day Comes by Gabrielle Meyer and I LOVED IT! And it was the first book I read by her. A few other authors I read for the first time in 2023 were Melanie Dobson, Carla Laureano, Michelle Griep, and Amy Lynn Green.

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