Book Review: Rocky Road by Becky Wade

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Rocky Road book review

Rocky Road by Becky WadeROCKY ROAD by Becky Wade
Sons of Scandal #2

GENRE: Contemporary Romance (Christian)
PUBLISHER: Author Becky Wade
RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2024
PAGES: 387

Christy Award Hall of Fame Author

FBI Agent Jude Camden handles every aspect of his job with by-the-book professionalism. There’s no reason why his latest assignment—which calls for him to pose as the boyfriend of perfumer Gemma Clare—should be any different.

Except Gemma is different. She’s creative, bold, and feisty. And as soon as she meets Jude, she wants to loosen him up, wrinkle his perfect shirts, and test every ounce of his towering self-control.

The FBI has an iron-clad rule against romances between those working together on operations. Jude’s never met a rule he didn’t respect. But adhering to this one is going to be tough because, as time goes by, he finds Gemma more and more irresistible.

Buckle up! It’s going to be a rocky road.

Escape to Maine for this swoon-worthy “fake romance”! Banter, humor, perfume, and a mystery from the past intertwine in this sweet Sons of Scandal love story.


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Oh my stars, Jude & Gemma officially rank high on my list of favorite Becky Wade couples, right up there with Ty & Celia and Luke & Finley. These two are so stinkin’ cute together – even in the very beginnings of their undercover relationship, the very definition of ‘opposites attract’. Gemma is more of an artistic soul, and while she’s not flighty by any imagination she loves to set strait-laced Jude a little off kilter. Ok, a lot off kilter lol. Watching her poke at his buttoned-up, rule-following ways with absolutely adorable methods, including the delightful banter that is her self-professed love language, was just so much fun, and I absolutely reveled in watching her tousle his neat & tidy world. Also making me smile big? How Jude’s brothers get in on the ‘tip-Jude-off-balance’ action where his increasingly-obvious feelings for Gemma are concerned. And whew… once Jude finds his footing … make sure you have an alternate source of oxygen and some fans close at hand! SWOON.

“You’re telling me that I attacked an FBI agent?

Attacked is too strong a word. It was more like you cleaned my neck really, really well.”

Along with the sweet-and-swoony romance, we also have a little suspense in the mix (namely, the reason for FBI agent Jude & perfumer Gemma to be in a fake relationship) as well as a family mystery on Gemma’s side and the ongoing complicated family dynamics on Jude’s. I especially enjoyed getting to know Gemma’s quirky clan, made up of several strong women that span multiple generations and one hard-of-hearing grandfather whose oft-well-timed “What?” had me chortling more than once. Picture the family conversations from While You Were Sleeping and you have a good idea of the endearing, barely controlled, chaos that dominates those scenes. Her grandmother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s is portrayed with compassion and sensitivity as Gemma pieces together the history her grandmother wants to remember, but it doesn’t weigh down the story either. And I remain ever intrigued by the complex layers to Jude’s mom Fiona and her story that arcs across the series.

Bottom Line: I absolutely adored Rocky Road by Becky Wade – from the hilarious meet-cute to the sweet epilogue and everything in between. Watching impulsive Gemma and by-the-book Jude get to know one another in the ‘safety’ of the undercover ruse … and then fall in love gradually but also all at once… is truly a reader’s delight and engaged all my emotions. True to form, however, Wade takes us beyond the romance to gentle explorations of deep faith issues and complex family dynamics that give the characters defined, vibrant and relatable layers and makes the story itself one that will linger long in your heart. Another must-read from a master of the genre!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 5 stars / fantastic book!

KissingBook Level: 4 / keep those fans and fainting couches handy!

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Becky Wade

Becky Wade’s a California native who attended Baylor University, met and married a Texan, and settled in Dallas with their three children and one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She loves writing sweet contemporary romances laced with sizzling chemistry, mystery, faith, banter, and humor. Her thirteen novels and five novellas have been recognized with a Carol Award, INSPY awards, and a spot in the Christy Award Hall of Fame. Connect with Becky at her website.

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    1) Because Becky Wade wrote it!
    2) See number one!
    3) I LOVED rhe audiobook of Memory Lane
    4) This audiobook of Rocky Road is soooooo good!
    And a million other reasons!

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