First Line Friday (week 382): The American Queen

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Happy Friday & welcome to the First Line Friday link-up! It’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. Today I’m delighted to feature the first line of The American Queen by Vanessa Miller. I am so eager to read this novel based on true events that occurred after the Civil War, about a Black woman who built a self-proclaimed kingdom as a refuge for formerly enslaved people.

The American Queen by Vanessa Miller

and the first line of The American Queen is…

With hands planted in the dust of the earth, Louella Bobo’s lungs filled with the smothering air of bondage while she listened to her daddy wax eloquent about freedom.

There is only one known queen who truly ruled a kingdom on American soil.

Transformative and breathtakingly honest, The American Queen is based on actual events that occurred between 1865 – 1889 and shares the unsung history of a Black woman who built a kingdom as a refuge for the courageous people who dared to dream of a different way of life. As seen on Good Morning America: GMA 15 New Books to Read!

Over the twenty-four years she was enslaved on the Montgomery Plantation, Louella learned to feel one thing: hate. Hate for the man who sold her mother. Hate for the overseer who left her daddy to hang from a noose. Hate so powerful there’s no room in her heart for love, not even for the honorable Reverend William, whom she likes and respects enough to marry.

But when William finally listens to Louella’s pleas and leads the formerly enslaved people off the plantation, Louella begins to replace her hate with hope. Hope that they will find a place where they can live free from fear. Hope that despite her many unanswered prayers, she can learn to trust for new miracles.

Soon, William and Louella become the appointed king and queen of their self-proclaimed Kingdom of the Happy Land. And though they are still surrounded by opposition, they continue to share a message of joy and goodness–and fight for the freedom and dignity of all.

The American Queen weaves together themes of love, hate, hope, trust, and resilience in the face of great turmoil. With every turn of the page, you will be transported to a pivotal period in American history, where oppressed people become extraordinary heroes.

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  1. Gloria A

    In a world where surprises were not always the good kind, Chloe Anderson knew she’d better savor the moment.
    Love, Unscripted by Denise Hunter

  2. Kay Garrett

    “If I’m going to drown, it might as well be in chocolate syrup.”
    SPOON TO BE DEAD by Dana Mentink

  3. Lynda

    “I keep telling them I’m fine.”
    Saving Grayson by Chris Fabry
    I just finished this book and LOVED it. In fact, it’s what brought me to your blog. I was looking for a review to send to a friend who has a passion for serving those who suffer from dementia, and those who care for them

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