Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Love – Gone to the Dogs Again

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Gone to Dogs again cover love Top Ten Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is Covers/Titles with Things Found in Nature (idea submitted by Jessica @ a GREAT read) and there were so many ways I could have gone with this. But ultimately I decided to go back to a fave cover feature for me – dogs. In 2021 I did a cover love post all about this but there have been several more great covers with dogs since then and I wanted to feature them. So, I guess you could say that my cover love in this post has gone to the dogs … again!

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Baker Street Mysteries by Valerie Burns
cozy mystery

In a brand-new culinary cozy series with a fresh edge and a delightful small-town setting, the acclaimed author introduces Maddy Montgomery, a social media expert who’s #StartingOver in small town Michigan after inheriting her great-aunt’s bakery…and a 200-pound English Mastiff named Baby.

Maddy doesn’t bake, and her Louboutins aren’t made for walking giant dogs around Lake Michigan, but the locals are friendly and the scenery is beautiful. With help from her aunt’s loyal friends, aka the Baker Street Irregulars, Maddy feels ready to tackle any challenge, including Octavia’s award-winning cake recipes. That is, until New Bison’s mayor is fatally stabbed, and Maddy’s fingerprints are found on the knife . . .

Something strange is going on in New Bison. It seems Aunt Octavia had her suspicions, too. But Maddy’s going to need a whole lot more than a trending hashtag to save her reputation—and her life.



Clocked Out by Anna St. John
cozy mystery

Clocked Out by Anna St. JohnJosie Posey and her posse of Mahjong Mavens are at it again, in this cozy mystery where the retired big city crime reporter turned small town crime solver uncovers another murder in picturesque English Village.

When the clockmaker’s daughter returns home for a visit, reporter Josie Posey is assigned the task of interviewing the talented watch designer. That very afternoon the young woman falls from a ladder while inventorying antique clocks.

At first, Josie is certain the fall was an accident. Everyone loved Ella McGregor Benjamin. But Ella’s deathbed statement is a mysterious riddle that can’t be ignored. With her Old English Sheepdog Moe by her side, and an ever-growing list of suspects, Josie scrambles to identify the killer before anyone else gets hurt.

Cold Case Revenge by Jessica R. Patch
romantic suspense

Cold Case Revenge by Jessica R. PatchA kidnapped child. An unsolved cold case.

This K-9 is on the trail.

When his three-year-old daughter goes missing, Nick Rossi fears he’ll relive his sister’s disappearance from twenty-five years ago. Only this time officer Ruby Orton and her K-9 partner, Pepper, rescue the child. But as the kidnappers escalate to murder and target Nick, Ruby knows there’s more behind the abduction. Together, can they find the connection with a decades-old cold case…before the past turns deadly?

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

Havoc by Ronie Kendig
romantic suspense

Havoc by Ronie KendigA soldier, a Malinois, and a stuntwoman walk onto a TV set . . .

Former Special Forces operator Sergeant Crew Gatlin takes everything in stride, even the career-ending incident that separated him from the Army, half a leg, and his beloved working dog, Havoc K027. Putting his life back together and lying low, he takes a job with A Breed Apart and is unexpectedly reunited with Havoc. It’s too good to be true—and the proof is in their first assignment: to work as a K-9 team for a television drama in Los Angeles. Miffed at being relegated to TV fodder, he’s willing to pay the price when he sees the stuntwoman.

Being a stunt double allows Vienna Foxcroft to fulfill her acting dream—with a side of MMA—and stay out of the limelight. The same one that plagued her childhood and put her through a nightmare scenario. Now, her tight-knit stunt team are the only ones she trusts. Then in walks Mr. Mountain-of-Muscle and his tough-as-nails dog, and Vienna has a bad feeling her life is about to turn upside down.

Ticked as they head overseas for a location shoot in Turkey, Crew guts it up—after all, he has Havoc again. Okay, and yeah—Vienna is going, too. When an attack sends the cast fleeing into the streets of Turkey, Vienna must face the demons of her past or be devoured by them. And Crew and Havoc are tested like never before.

Experience the high-octane thrill ride that is the first book in the A Breed Apart: Legacy series.



Her Alaskan Return by Belle Calhoune
contemporary romance

Her Alaskan Return by Belle CalhouneTo truly come home,

She must face the reason she left…

Moving back to her Alaskan hometown was an easy decision for soon-to-be-single mom Autumn Hines. It’s the perfect place to raise her baby. When her path crosses that of her old flame, widowed fisherman Judah Campbell, new sparks are ignited. There’s just one thing standing in their way: Autumn has a secret. Revealing it could set them free, but can she find the courage to speak the truth?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

Hidden Danger by Jerusha Agen
romantic suspense

The greatest threat to this K-9 team is the one they don’t see coming.

Cora Isaksson’s guilt has shadowed her life ever since drugs ensnared her brother and he disappeared. When Bradley suddenly returns, Cora and her narcotics detection K-9 are thrust into a battle against the drug cartel that wants him back.

DEA Special Agent Kent Thomson has his own personal reasons for bringing justice to the cartel. Cora and her drug-sniffing K-9 will only get in his way. Or are they assets that will enable him to right the wrongs of the past?

When the cartel targets Cora, she and Kent join forces with her teammates at the Phoenix K-9 Security and Detection Agency to end the cartel before it ends her. They’re prepared for danger, but when more lives than their own hang in the balance, can they trust God for the rescue that’s out of their reach?


  Unseen Danger by Jerusha Agen 

Shade Grown by Heather Day Gilbert
cozy mystery

Shade Grown by Heather Day GilbertWelcome to the Barks & Beans Cafe, a quaint place where folks pet shelter dogs while enjoying a cup of java…and where murder sometimes pays a visit.

During Lewisburg’s popular summer home and garden tour, Macy and her brother Bo discover new aspects of their hometown’s history. One of the last homes they visit features a lush commemorative shade garden marking where a Civil War soldier’s bones were buried. As Macy pauses to admire a bed of blue hostas, she glimpses a shadowy shape lying beneath the dinner-plate leaves. It turns out to be the body of famed movie star Cody Franklin, who’d purchased the garden house as a quiet country retreat.

Back at the cafe, Macy speaks with Cody’s distraught sister, who lets slip that she’s afraid her brother’s killer will target her next. Macy’s heart goes out to the bereaved sibling, and she agrees to speak with Cody’s local acquaintances in hopes she’ll uncover some helpful backstory.

But someone powerful is lurking behind the scenes, and Macy has to zoom in on the killer before everything fades to black.



A Suspicious Breed by Jackie Layton
cozy mystery

Low Country dog walker Andi Grace Scott is about to get married, but she’ll have to get a killer to say “I did it” before she can say “I do” . . .

With her wedding fast approaching and her plans to open a dog shelter underway, Andi Grace can barely find a free moment. Then she learns that her favorite local vet may have been roped into a crooked fundraising scheme meant to help animals, and worse still, her wedding photographer—a good friend who may have had firsthand knowledge of the scheme—is murdered. Determined to find justice for the victim and root out whoever is behind the scam, Andi Grace puts her nose to the ground to sniff out the clues.

No sooner does she begin compiling a list of suspects than she uncovers an unscrupulous music producer pressuring a friend’s talented daughter, and a haphazard dog breeding operation that may be endangering animals. With so many unsavory characters cropping up at every turn, Andi Grace enlists the help of some equally clever friends to ensnare them. But just as she finds the evidence that ties everything together, the culprit finds it’s time to kill her before she can tie the knot . . .

An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh
contemporary romance

To save her animal shelter,
She’ll have to work with her biggest foe…

With her emotional support dog at her side, Jalissa Tucker will do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of the local animal rescue—even ally herself with her nemesis, firefighter Jeremy Rider. As working together dredges up old hurts, putting the past aside could be the key to their future joy. But can Jalissa resist falling for the man she’s always considered the enemy?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

Who Brought the Dog to Church by Tracy L. Smoak
women’s fiction

Betty is sure that Ida Lou does not belong in their church when the woman shows up to the Good Friday service with her small dog in tow. But before she knows what’s happening, Betty is pushed into helping the woman as she deals with the sudden hospitalization of her husband. Having lost her own husband just one year ago, Betty is chosen as the perfect person to help walk through this valley with the newcomer—along with the other women of the WUFHs (Women United For Him).

Sarah McAdams knows her husband loves her. He just loses his temper sometimes. It comes with the stress of being a highly recognized police officer. But when Sarah makes the decision that this is not the life she wants for her young son, will she be able to get out alive? Where can she go? And who will help her?

God works in mysterious ways—and through ordinary people. The town of Prosper is about to experience some drama—and it all starts with a dog who comes to church.

What about you? Which of the covers from my Gone to the Dogs Again post are your favorite? What’s your favorite animal to have on book covers?

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  1. Cover designs do love using man’s best friend. 🙂 I don’t have those by Ronie, but I do have some of her older ones and did enjoy what I read of hers.

  2. Beagles! We need beagles! My husband and I own two of the most mischievous dogs in the world. I love all of these, but particularly Ronie Kendig’s covers. Gorgeous canines!

  3. When I saw that title, Who Brought the Dog to Church, it reminded me of when on a Sunday night, someone showed up behind me in church with a box of squirming puppies! I ended up with one–who was with us for thirteen years! Love dogs!

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