March 2024 New Releases

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March 2024 New Releases

Did March come in like a lamb or a lion for you yesterday? I’m not sure which one applies to Georgia but whichever one it was, was soggy! Once again, we’re at the precipice of another month with so many marvelous books that I want to read! There are 104 titles on this list of March 2024 New Releases that are on my radar, and they comprise a range of genres – contemporary, historical, cozy mystery, suspense, Amish fiction, children’s books, fantasy, science fiction, and even a few non-fiction. And, of course, expect to see lots of romance because it’s me, after all 😉 All books listed are Christian or clean in content, to the best of my knowledge.

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Healing the Lawman’s Heart by Ruth Logan Herne (contemporary romance) *re-release
The Single Dad by Abi Sabina (contemporary romance)
A Groom of One’s Own by Emma St. Clair (contemporary romance) *new series
Letters of Wisdom by Wanda E. Brunstetter (contemporary Amish fiction)


Allie’s Amish Family Miracle by Tracy Fredrychowski (contemporary Amish romance)
The Cowboy Who Came Home by Liz Isaacson (contemporary romance) *new series
A Great and Glorious Gift by Valerie Comer (contemporary romance)
When You’re Enemies by April Murdock (contemporary romance)


Love, Unscripted by Denise Hunter (contemporary romance)
Keeping Receipts by W Mason Dunn (contemporary romance)
Shop on the Corner by Lin Stepp (contemporary romance)
Light in the Dark by Lin Stepp (contemporary romance)


Finding Love in Blue Ridge Bay by Cara Joy (contemporary romance)
Pride and Preston Lin by Christina Hwang Dudley (contemporary romance, retelling)
Honeysuckle Breeze by B.R. Goodwin (contemporary romance)
This Ain’t No Promised Land by Tina Shelton (women’s fiction)


A Slice of Paradise by Nancy Lavo (contemporary romance)
An Apology in Bloom by Suzanne Woods Fisher (contemporary romance novella) *new series
Just for the Summer by Melody Carlson (contemporary romance)
Falling for Alaska by Belle Calhoune (contemporary romance) *new series


For Better or For Granted by Amy R. Anguish (women’s fiction)
Single Dad Center by Latisha Sexton (contemporary romance)
A Father’s Vow by Chris Maday Schmidt (contemporary romance)
Tangled Up in Love by Carolyn Miller (contemporary romance)

The Rancher's Secret Crush by Cari Lynn Webb

A Cowboy for the Twins by Melinda Curtis (contemporary romance)
The Rancher’s Secret Crush by Cari Lynn Webb (contemporary romance)
Her Temporary Cowboy by Tanya Agler (contemporary romance)
A Surprise Second Chance by Anna J. Stewart (contemporary romance)

Bonding with the Babies by Deb Kastner (contemporary romance)
The Cowboy’s Return by Danica Favorite (contemporary romance)
His Unexpected Grandchild by Myra Johnson (contemporary romance)


An Unconventional Amish Pair by Emma Miller (contemporary Amish romance)
Lake Shore Awakening by Jennifer Rodewald (contemporary romance)
The Amish Baker’s Secret Courtship by Amy Grochowski (contemporary Amish romance)


The Billionaire’s Wife by Elizabeth Maddrey (contemporary romance)
Small Town Sash by Jenna Brandt (contemporary romance)
The Lady with the Dark Hair by Erin Bartels (women’s fiction, dual timeline)


The Counterfeit Bride by Karen Kirst (historical romance, Smoky Mountains) *new series
When the Flames Ravaged by Rhonda Dragomir (historical romance, Hartford Circus Fire)
To Speak His Name by Tara Johnson (Historical Romance, 1816 Barbados) *new series
Hidden Yellow Stars by Rebecca Connolly (historical fiction, WW2)


An Inconvenient Letter by Julie Wright (historical romance, Regency)
Reverence in the Wilderness by Andrea Byrd (historical romance, Kentucky frontier)
A Love Discovered by Tracie Peterson (historical western romance) *new series
An Unlikely Arrangement by Cindy Patterson (historical romance, 1902 Biltmore) *new series


To Forge Her Fate by Kasey Stockton (historical romance, Regency) *new series
Seashells in my Pocket by Terri Wangard (historical romance, WW2 Brazil) *new series
Love’s Winding Road by Susan F. Craft (historical romance, wagon train) *new series
Set in Stone by Kimberley Woodhouse (historical western romance)

If the Boot Fits by Karen Witemeyer      

If the Boot Fits by Karen Witemeyer (historical western romance, fairy tale retelling)
Priscilla by Jenny Knipfer (historical romance, post WW2)
The Mapmaker’s Secret by Jennifer Mistmorgan (historical romance, WW2)
Love’s Eternal Breath by Naomi Rawlings (historical western romance)

    A Noble Scheme by Roseanna M. White 

Uncharted Peace by Keely Brooke Keith (historical western romance)
Love’s Rebellious Spirit by Juliette Duncan (historical romance, Australia)
A Noble Scheme by Roseanna M. White (historical romance, Edwardian)
Love’s Promise by Penny Zeller (historical western romance)

    The Berlin Letters by Katherine Reay

Streams of Courage by Sandra Merville Hart (historical romance, Civil War)
Even if Nothing Else is Certain by Amy Willoughby-Burle (historical romance, 1930s Kentucky)
The Berlin Letters by Katherine Reay (espionage fiction, Cold War)

    One Last Shot by Susan May Warren  

Last Stop by Karen Randau (romantic suspense)
Brock by Laura Scott (romantic suspense)
One Last Shot by Susan May Warren (romantic suspense/adventure) *new series
Killer Sins by Edie James (romantic suspense)

Never Fall Again by Lynn H. Blackburn      

Never Fall Again by Lynn H. Blackburn (romantic suspense) *new series
In the Dark of Night by Lorana Hoopes (romantic suspense)
Operation: Integrity by Kari Trumbo (romantic suspense)
Battered and Buried by Lena Gregory (cozy mystery)


The End of the Road by Christy Barritt (mystery/suspense)
Peril in Pink by Sydney Leigh (cozy mystery) *new series
Riot by JJ Samie Myles with Ronie Kendig (romantic suspense)
To Slip the Bonds of Earth by Amanda Flower (historical mystery, 1903 Ohio) *new series


Colorado Double Cross by Jennifer Pierce (romantic suspense)
Treacherous Escape by Kellie VanHorn (romantic suspense)
Rocky Mountain Survival by Jane M. Choate (romantic suspense)
Tracking the Truth by Dana Mentink (romantic suspense) *new series


Cold Case Target by Jessica R. Patch (romantic suspense)
Baby Protection Mission by Laura Scott (romantic suspense) *new series
Caught in the Crosshairs by Melanie D. Snitker (romantic suspense)
Fallout by Lisa Phillips (romantic suspense)


Saguaro, Snowflakes and Murder by Jenna Hendricks (cozy mystery) *new series
Ranger Loyalty by Lynn Shannon (romantic suspense)
April Fool’s Alibi by Tonya Kappes (cozy mystery)
Even In Death by Rebecca Hemlock (romantic suspense, dual timeline) *new series


Rip Tide by Lisa T. Bergren (historical romance/time travel, medieval)
Between You and Us by Kendra Broekhuis (women’s fiction, speculative fiction)


Parallel by Hope Bolinger (contemporary romance, speculative)
Eden by Hannah Gaudette (speculative novella)


Phooey Kerflooey by Kristen Joy Wilks (children’s middle grade fiction)
You Are a Robin! by Laurie Ann Thompson (children’s picture book)
God’s Big Picture Bible Storybook by N.T. Wright (children’s Bible picture book)


Zion Learns to See by Terence Lester & Zion Lester (children’s picture book, homelessness)
Go Tell Everyone by Meredith Cook (children’s picture book, missionaries)


Junia, The Book Mule of Troublesome Creek (children’s picture book)
When God Makes Scribbles Beautiful by Kate Rietema (children’s picture book)


What Color is God’s Love? by Xochitl Dixon (children’s picture book)
God Came Near to Me by Kristen Wetherell (children’s picture book, theology)

God Rescues Me by Kristen Wetherell (children’s picture book, theology)

Jesus Everywhere by Kariss Farris (nonfiction, devotional)
Overflowing Mercies by Craig Allen Cooper (nonfiction, devotional)
Graceful Influence by Lori Stanley Roeleveld (nonfiction, spiritual growth)
How to Walk into a Room by Emily P. Freeman (nonfiction, personal growth)


Have You Heard from God Lately? by Keon Lindsey (nonfiction, spiritual growth)
Not What I Signed Up For by Nicole Unice (nonfiction, spiritual growth)

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