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Flicker of Trust JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Flicker of Trust by Eleanor Bertin, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours! I’m delighted to have Eleanor on the blog today to chat about her book!

Flicker of Trust

FLICKER OF TRUST by Eleanor Bertin
SERIES: Burning Bright #2
GENRE: Romantic Suspense (Christian)
PUBLISHER: Leaf & Blade Publishing
RELEASE DATE: February 21, 2024
PAGES: 289

When a woman disappears, Ryan’s past is fair game.

Party animal Ryan Hainstock has made an about-face. He’s now an elder-caring, money-saving, church-going man with bright plans to set himself up farming. Somehow, whether he rates with her or not, those plans always include sweet and smart Lynnie Min and her young daughter. Problem is, Ryan’s past keeps coming back to condemn him.

Lynnie Min, too young for the title of widow, travels the lonely road of single motherhood in a rural community. Her dreams were crushed by tragedy when terrorists claimed the lives of her husband and one of her daughters. While gratitude should fill her heart for the presence of three-year-old Anya, a longing for something more stirs within her. She can’t help noticing the changes in Ryan, a man she once knew as a high school jock.

While their affection deepens, greater forces conspire to destroy their growing love. A murder charge, a kidnapping, a child abandoned…Can Ryan and Lynnie overcome danger and distrust to find each other again?


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Eleanor Bertin interview

Hi Eleanor! Welcome to the blog!

Eleanor: How can I choose? I have an orange every day for breakfast, and an apple (Ambrosia variety) almost every day for lunch. 

Carrie: the best of both worlds 🙂

Eleanor: As an Albertan, of course our short, but sunny, not-too-hot summers are my very favourite season. 

Carrie: short, sunny, not-too-hot sounds like the perfect summer for me!

Eleanor: Neither! Like Peter Pan, I never grew up – at least, not enough to enjoy hot drinks.

Carrie: same! Except for hot chocolate 🙂

Eleanor: Although I love music, it’s always been literature for me. I love audiobooks, especially while I drive long trips. But if I’m not driving, I’m afraid I fall asleep listening to them.

Carrie: The only time I can listen to audiobooks is when I’m driving

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Eleanor: I wish I had the power to be persuasive, especially to convince lost people of the truth of the Bible and the dangers of believing the enemy’s lies. I would be SuPersuade!  

As it is, I’m more of a quiet listener, hoping I can think of a gentle question that might prompt a person to think. 

Carrie: SuPersuade is awesome haha

Q: Tell me some good books you’ve read recently.

Eleanor: I’m currently reading The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky and finding it full of rich characters and some truly hilarious scenes (which surprised me, as I expected grim, intense, and tragic from this Russian writer). 

After the Frost by Milla Holt was enjoyable for its depth of characters and unique storyline about a widower who has lost the perfect wife but is now drawn to a forty-something woman who’s not the marrying kind. 

Finding Amanda by Andrew Klavan (language and sex) was otherwise a great read for the amazing plot where a child is hunted because of her healing capabilities. 

The Color of Sky and Stone by Sara Davison – great read that includes mistaken identity and a friendship that grows as a result of letters between two of the most unlikely candidates for a relationship that I’ve read in a long time. 

Carrie: what a great variety!

Q: Characters often find themselves in situations they aren’t sure they can get themselves out of. When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of and what did you do?

Eleanor: I am currently in a situation that there is no getting out of. My husband and I are the sole support of an aged family member who has always been a difficult person and is now increasingly needy. Some of this individual’s characteristics are evident in the character Lloyd, Ryan’s demanding and crotchety father. Rather than trying to wiggle out of this trial, I am learning to see it as God’s School of Patient Endurance for me. I lean on Jesus through memorizing scripture to support me. 

Carrie: such a wise approach that leaves behind the fragrance of Christ ♥

Q: Which of your main characters in Flicker of Trust is most like you?

Eleanor: Oh dear, I’m much afraid that Grandma is most like me! Poor Grandma, she’s so earnest and devoted to Christ that she usually comes across as a Bible-thumping, harshly legalistic, humorless battleaxe. I don’t want to be that way, and at least the humorless part I know isn’t true of me, but Jesus is very important to me and I can’t help wanting people to know Him and His Word.

Carrie: It’s hard to find that balance sometimes, for sure.

Q: Which character in Flicker of Trust was the most difficult to write?

Eleanor: Corporal Trevor Whitney was a challenge to write. I didn’t want him to be a bumbling detective type since police officers are well-trained and have to be perceptive and judicious. (Plus, my Son #2 recently became one and I didn’t want him disapproving of my portrayal of a cop!) But I did need Trevor to be slightly blinded by his crush on Lynnie so that he became over-focused on “getting his man” and thus eliminating the competition.

Carrie: he sounds like a layered character!

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from Flicker of Trust?

Eleanor: Not only is there always hope for redemption of the lost, but liars, cheats, and sinners can regain trust by establishing a new pattern of truth-telling, honesty, and faithfulness.

Carrie: amen – a good reminder ♥

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Eleanor: Although I’m dying to get back to a Viking novel I started years ago, new ideas keep popping up. While I was finishing Flicker of Trust, I came up with an idea for a third in the Burning Bright series: Flare of Doubt, which would follow Lynnie’s youngest sister, Katie as she navigates woke academia in her pursuit of a music degree and might even encounter an old character from Lifelines, the prodigal David, as a mentor.

Eleanor Bertin

Inspired by the depths of God’s love and mercy to humanity, Eleanor Bertin writes fiction that ponders the place where life’s perplexities meet faith’s certainties. Before raising and home-educating a family of seven children for thirty years, Eleanor received a college diploma in Communications and worked in agriculture journalism. She is the author of five novels, as well as the memoir, Pall of Silence, about her late son, Paul. She and her husband of 42 years live in central Alberta, Canada and are the grandparents of ten amazing grandchildren.

Connect with Eleanor by visiting to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

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    Thank you for sharing your interview, bio and the book details, I have enjoyed reading about you and your work and I am looking forward to reading your exciting book and series

  2. Kay Garrett

    Thank you for introducing me to Eleanor Bertin, a new to me author, through your interview. “Flicker of Trust” sounds awesome and exactly the type of book I would love to dive into.

  3. Roxanne C.

    I enjoyed the interview, especially the author’s phrase “God’s School of Patient Endurance.”
    I must remember it whenever caregiving becomes difficult.

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