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Katherine H Brown guest post

Please join me in welcoming author Katherine H. Brown to the blog today to talk about her new cozy mystery Magpie Maggie Takes the Wheel!

Magpie Maggie Takes the Wheel by Katherine H. BrownMAGPIE MAGGIE TAKES THE WHEEL by Katherine H. Brown
Longhorn Trucking Mysteries #1
GENRE: Cozy Mystery (Clean)
PUBLISHER: Independently Published
RELEASE DATE: March 27, 2024
PAGES: 181

Margaret (Maggie) Cumberland lives to shop; her father died with debts.

Before she can get her inheritance, Maggie finds out the will comes with certain stipulations. She has to get a job.

Not just any job, though. Nope. Dear old dad put in the will that she had to make three deliveries for the family business.

Sounds simple. Should be simple.
It’s anything but simple.

Maggie suddenly finds her pink convertible repossessed, her condo being foreclosed on, and her every minute spent studying for a CDL to pass a test that will allow her to drive an eighteen-wheeler truck across the state. Oh wait, not to mention that someone is apparently out to get something from her father’s trucking company, even if they have to go through her first.

Can Maggie steer clear of danger long enough to make her first delivery deadline or will there be more roadblocks than she can handle?


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by Katherine H. Brown, author of Magpie Maggie Takes the Wheel

Hello, sweet reader friends!

I want to thank the incredible bloggers who have made this blog tour for my brand-new cozy mystery possible and I want to thank each of you who make writing such fun when you read!

Today I want to take the opportunity to share some tidbits about the book with you as well as some fun facts about myself to help you get to know me a little more. I’m a wife and mom in East Texas, homeschool my toddler, and part-time teach fitness yoga. Fitting in my writing around all of those things is a challenge but since I really enjoy getting all of these stories onto paper, I keep on trying my best.

Magpie Maggie Takes the Wheel is a cozy mystery with a teaspoon of budding romantic humor. For a disclaimer, book 1 solves a small mystery but saves the solution to a bigger mystery for book 2 because I really wanted to set up the characters and changes in their life for book 1. That busy mom thing? It means I do a much better job writing in short chunks then one giant comprehensive book or else things get mixed up when I’m pulled away too often.

When I write, there is always that one odd thing I find myself researching anytime I begin a new book or series. Want to know what it was for this Longhorn Trucking Mystery series?

Trucker talk!

That’s right, Magpie Maggie can’t miss the chance to chatter on the CB radio which of course meant I had to look up and learn the lingo.

I wonder how many of these terms you already knew or guessed:

Alligator – large piece of tire on the road.
Local Yokel – local police officer.
Full grown bear – State trooper.
Yardstick – mile marker.
Rubber Ducky – newbie.
Salt shaker – highway department truck spreading ice melting chemicals or salt on road.
Hammer lane – passing lane.

(Made me want to go watch the old Smokey and the Bandit movie, know what I mean, Rubber Ducky? LOL)

I loved the idea of adding travel to a cozy mystery series yet still be able to build a small-town familiarity so truck-driving seemed like a super fun way to accomplish both. And for me, a fish-out-of-water trope is always hilarious so my shopaholic, spoiled fashionista being thrust from a sporty convertible into a massive semi-truck was great fun!

Personally, I would find the job miserable because if I’m on a road trip I absolutely want to be the passenger and not the driver. I also happen to be directionally challenged, could get lost in a heartbeat, and get anxiety in high-traffic areas because my whole life has been spent in a very rural area where hogs and tractors are more likely to slow down your commute than any type of traffic.

When my husband and I travel, he is sweet enough to drive no matter how far it is and I binge-read my library haul books or my Kindle to-be-read list barefoot in the passenger seat. Of course, he thinks I’m wasting perfectly good napping opportunities because that is what he would rather be doing than driving lol. I also read instead of sleep because I would feel bad resting when he isn’t able to so we stay awake together.

I love to travel and find fun new places to eat and have decadent desserts that we normally wouldn’t indulge in at home.

Maggie, my main character in the brand-new Longhorn Trucking Mysteries, prefers to find shopping meccas when she travels though finding herself without an endless supply of cash after her father’s death makes shopping a bit more difficult than it used to be for her.

Speaking of shopping, I love a good bargain! It bothers me to pay full price for clothes because I feel like I could get more with thrift store or bargain places and make our money stretch further. Do you like to bargain hunt or pay full price for exactly what you want? I’d love to hear from you and whether or not we have any of these things in common! My e-mail address is kthope89 at

Thank you again for taking time out of your own busy days to visit the stops on this blog tour and allow me to share a little bit from my life and writing. I wish you all a happy day and fantastic literary adventures ahead!

Katherine H. Brown

Katherine H. Brown is a Texas author, mom, wife, lover of Jesus, devourer or books, and writer of stories. She loves words and revels in weaving them together to create a fun adventure and characters that make you smile. She loves the color blue, the splendor of the ocean, and the quiet of naptime with a toddler in the house. It is her hope that with each story she writes, more readers will find the joy, adventure, and escape that draws her to book after book as a reader as well. Connect with Katherine on Instagram, Facebook, or her newsletter.

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