Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): The Rejected Mail-Order Bride by Greta Picklesimer

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The Rejected Mail-Order Bride excerpt

The Rejected Mail-Order Bride by Greta PicklesimerTHE REJECTED MAIL-ORDER BRIDE by Greta Picklesimer
Love in the Kentucky Hills #2

GENRE: Historical Romance (Christian)
PUBLISHER: Ambassador International
RELEASE DATE: April 23, 2024
PAGES: 267

When Rose Henderson steps off the train at the Harrisville Depot, she is confident that she can make a new start as a hatmaker and create a home for herself as far away from her father and his plans for her as possible. But when she meets the man who has promised to marry her, she suddenly finds her plans beginning to unravel. With barely any money to her name and an unstable future ahead of her, will Rose be able to find a place for herself in Harrisville, or will she have to succumb to her father’s will instead?

Harl Adams is a self-proclaimed bachelor, content to live on his family’s apple orchard and take care of his mother and the farm. Harl’s past as a soldier in the Civil War still haunts him, keeping him from any possible future with a wife and children. But when he meets Rose Henderson, Harl sees things quite differently. Rose is unlike any woman he has ever met before, and she challenges him to see things in a whole new way. Unfortunately, Rose has come to Harrisville to marry someone else, and Rose does not share the same faith that Harl does.

With a past chasing at her heels and an unsure future in front of her, what choice will Rose make?


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“As soon as she’s well enough to travel, I’m going to get that skunk of a man, Cletus Tooth, to apologize to her and buy her a ticket home.”

Garlin nodded. “Well, come on. Let’s get her and her things in the wagon.”

Harl followed Garlin up the carpeted stairs of the hotel to Rose Henderson’s room at the far end of the hallway.

The hotel owner knocked softly at the door.

“Come in,” Rose said.

Garlin opened the door. Harl peered into the room over Garlin’s head. Rose sat wearing the same dress she had worn when she had met Harl at the train station. Her feet were tucked under her gown. A lone brown boot lay under the chair across from her.

“I’m so sorry. My foot is too swollen to get it back into my boot,” she said, tucking her dress around her swollen ankle.

“That’s all right,” Harl said. “Can you walk?”

“I can try,” she said. She stood and wobbled. Harl raced to her side and grasped her arm to steady her.

Rose flushed as Harl gripped her arm gently. She seemed to relax after a moment, and Harl quickly let go.

“Thank you,” she whispered, looking up into his face. He reassured her with a crooked smile.

Taking a step, she grimaced and grabbed the back of the chair.

“Here, let me help her,” Garlin said. Moving to her side, he held out his arm. She grasped it and reached down for the boot.

Harl picked up her trunk and placed it on his muscular shoulder. Balancing it, he walked toward the open door.

“Now, lean on me and don’t use your bad foot,” Garlin said from behind him.

“Oh!” Rose cried. “I’m not sure I can do this.”

Harl set the trunk down in the hallway. “Here, Garlin. You take the trunk, and I’ll help Miss Henderson.”

Garlin hefted the trunk. “Nothing I haven’t done plenty o’ time before,” he said, groaning under its weight. “What do you have in here? Rocks?” He chuckled at his joke as he peered over his shoulder at Rose.

“Yes, but just one,” she admitted.

“You have a rock in your trunk?” Harl asked, sounding shocked as he moved to her side.

“Yes, it’s my favorite from my parents’ farm. It used to sit in our front yard with the roses. I thought if I brought it here, it would be like bringing a piece of Michigan with me—a new start with something familiar. I guess it will be going back with me, though.”

Harl smiled kindly and offered his arm.

“We already tried that,” Garlin said, shifting around to face them.

“Just you never mind. Let her get situated.”

She hobbled on her good leg. “Ow!”

“Here,” Harl said, sweeping his muscular arms under her.

“Oh,” she gasped as he picked her up.

“Now, if Mr. Moore would be so kind as to go before us with your trunk, we could get on home and back to Mama.”

Greta Picklesimer, The Rejected Mail-Order Bride
Ambassador International © 2024. Used by permission.

Greta Picklesimer

Greta Picklesimer was Michigan born and raised by Kentucky transplanted parents. She and her family spent many happy vacations visiting relatives in southern Kentucky. Besides writing, Greta spends time working on her scrapbook art journal, reading audiobooks and dreaming up her next novel. She is owned by one rescue cat by the name of Pearlie Blue who she named after one of her father’s favorite Bluegrass songs. By day, she works as an office assistant. At night, she writes. Greta lives in Michigan. Connect with Greta at her website.

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44 responses to “Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): The Rejected Mail-Order Bride by Greta Picklesimer

  1. Roxanne C.

    I like mail-order bride stories. The excerpt makes me want to know what happens next. What is Rose going to do?

  2. Nancy

    I would like to read The Rejected Mail-Order Bride by Greta Picklesimer because it sounds like a sweet story.

  3. marti

    The main character wants to be a hat maker! Awesome! Hatmaking has fascinated me for several years.

  4. Joan Kurth

    You are a new author to me (I love finding new authors!) and I love mail order bride stories so I would so want to read this book.

  5. Hesper Fry

    I absolutely LOVE mail-order bride stories! Adding this book to my TBR list, as it sounds so good!

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