Book Review: Summer Suspicions – Ten Christian Romantic Suspense Novels

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Summer Suspicions book review

Summer Suspicions collectionSUMMER SUSPICIONS: Ten Christian Romantic Suspense Novels
Alana Terry, Cynthia Hickey, Robin Patchen, Terry Toler, Mary Alford, Adam Blumer, Lesley Ann McDaniel, Linda K. Rodante, Camy Tang, Jan Thompson

GENRE: Romantic Suspense collection (Christian)
PUBLISHER: Winged Publications
RELEASE DATE: June 4, 2024

Escape into a world of love, mystery, and faith with these ten Christian romantic suspense novels. Today’s bestselling Christian fiction authors are bringing you ten page-turning, action-packed adventures filled with unforgettable characters, adrenaline-pumping mysteries, and heartwarming romance.

Summer suspicions lurk everywhere in small towns and in the countryside, as well as in the cities and on the coast. Cowboys, protectors, former military, single moms, pastors, good friends, sheriffs, missing children, hostages, fugitives, heroes, villains, and more, all in one limited-edition boxed set collection just for the summer of 2024 only.

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Toils and Snares
by USA Today bestselling author Alana Terry

In the heart of Alaska, a young woman unravels a tangled web of deceit about the family she’s about to marry into, all while trying to hide secrets that could ruin not only her life but the lives of everyone she loves.

Cowboy Uncertainty (The Cowboys of Misty Hollow)
by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Hickey

When Pressley Hamilton arrives in Misty Hollow to purchase investment property next to the Rocking W Ranch, she had no idea the secrets buried deep in the earth. Can a handsome cowboy keep her safe when all seems lost?

Escaping with You (The Wright Heroes of Maine prequel)
by USA Today bestselling author Robin Patchen

Logan’s plan to avoid his lost love goes awry when a gunman ambushes them, sending them on the run in the Maine woods.

Seven Year Rich (Millionaire Suspense Book 3)
by award-winning author Terry Toler

What will happen to a struggling young pastor and his wife when they win the largest lottery jackpot in history?

Night Watchman (A Scorpion Team Book)
by USA Today bestselling author Mary Alford

When a waitress stumbles upon a notebook left behind at an all-night diner, she finds herself in a desperate fight to live with the help of man who is more than a customer.

The Last time She Saw Her (North Woods Chronicles Book 3)
by award-winning author Adam Blumer

When Crystal Thayer’s best friend goes missing, suspicion points to her stalker boyfriend. But is someone else to blame?

Hidden from View (Montana Peril Series Book 2)
by USA Today bestselling author Lesley Ann McDaniel

When a recently widowed young mother discovers that her toddler has gone missing, she must accept the protection of a handsome sheriff or risk becoming the target of a killer.

Water Fall
by award-winning author Linda K. Rodante

A flood, a boy’s rescue, a dead body. Can Annalisa Carrabelle keep the boy safe from a killer who wants to kill again?

Sushi and Suspicions
by USA Today bestselling author Camy Tang

Trouble follows Liv on her vacation to Hawaii when she is framed for the theft of an antique rifle. Only a handsome investigator can help clear her name…and maybe give her a reason to stay in the islands.

Never a Fugitive (Defender Sweethearts Book 3)
USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson

A grieving accountant seeking justice for his murdered brother finds himself on the run with a senator’s former mistress who knows too many state secrets.


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As you know, romantic suspense is my favorite genre, so I was eager to dive into this collection! And since I’ve only read books by half of these authors (all of whom I enjoy), I was also excited to use Summer Suspicions as a way to be introduced to the writing of the other five.

Alana Terry’s Toils and Snares reads a bit like a psychological thriller (no complaints from me), and the first chapter is hauntingly atmospheric. The first person narrative serves to enhance these vibes throughout, and I quickly became caught up in this story. There are secrets that Daphne is keeping … and secrets that surround the family she’s about to marry into… and I wasn’t sure who Daphne could trust – or if we could trust Daphne – until nearly the very end. Even then, there were still some surprises left that I didn’t anticipate.

I haven’t read anything by Cynthia Hickey before Cowboy Uncertainty but I’m definitely going to go back and read her other romantic suspense. I really enjoyed the romantic tension and the banter as well as her writing voice and plotting skills. I loved the mystery and legend surrounding the abandoned mine as well as the doses of well-timed humor. All of these individual elements, plus River & Pressley’s engaging personalities, came together to keep me riveted to the pages and eager to read more by this author.

In Escaping With You, Robin Patchen made it impossible for me to put down my Kindle as I waited with bated breath to see how Logan, Darcy and MJ were going to get out of the life-or-death situation they’d been forced into. On the run from an unknown shooter who’s proving quite adept at tracking them through the Maine woods, they’re barely given a moment’s chance to relax so I practically flew through the chapters on this one. The addition of the second chance romance storyline for Logan and Darcy added some other delicious tension to the story, and I cracked up at all the random facts Darcy had learned from doing PR for authors.

Seven Year Rich by Terry Toler is probably the least suspenseful story in the collection – it’s not until chapter 10 that an element of danger briefly enters the mix – but that’s not a bad thing. Rich and Eve are both compelling characters who go from very young newlyweds/expectant parents struggling to make ends meet in their small pastorate to being very very wealthy in the blink of an eye. It’s a cautionary tale, not against monetary gain per se but more so against letting other pursuits and priorities take our focus off Jesus. The storytelling is engaging, and even without a great deal of suspense I was absorbed in how things would turn out for Rich & Eve.

Mary Alford returns to her Scorpion Team series (which I first fell in love with in Deadly Memories) in Night Watchman, and I could not tear myself away from this story even if my life had depended on it. Okay… maybe then… but only just lol. It combined my love of Scarecrow & Mrs. King/Cold War era spy games with high stakes suspense and danger around every turn, not to mention the romantic sparks between Iris (who is instantly likable) and Luke (who is instantly swoonworthy). I really loved the plotline involving Gus and Iris’ unlikely friendship, and I enjoyed so much being reunited with familiar characters whom I already loved.

The Last Time She Saw Her by Adam Blumer went in a direction I wasn’t expecting, or more specifically followed a different main character than I thought it would, based on the beginning. That was only the first of many surprises in this story, and I enjoyed watching all the layers unfold, trying to stay a step ahead of the author but failing even at predicting which way the romantic element was going to go. Crystal makes a wonderful amateur sleuth, and her personality makes it easy to like her, especially her love for her family and her commitment to her best friend. This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but I’m intrigued enough by where the series will go from here that I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the next book.

Lesley Ann McDaniel is another new author for me, and after reading Hidden From View I definitely want to go back and read book one in her Montana Peril series and will be eager to read any that follow. Her writing voice pulled me in immediately and I was on pins and needles waiting for word of Janet’s missing son, especially as Janet is such a compelling protagonist with a layered backstory. Jeremy is truly one of the good guys in law enforcement, and I also enjoyed meeting the supporting characters in their community. I began to suspect where the story was headed – and I was right – but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of how it all came together in the least.

Water Fall is my latest read by Linda K. Rodante, and it introduced me to ghyll scrambling which involves climbing up waterfalls, a concept that fascinated me and played out perfectly in the story. This story kicks off with an intense water rescue and continues with an intriguing plot that kept me on my toes all the way to the end. There were a plethora of suspects and a whole lot of things that made me suspicious but I was still taken by surprise as to the who and the why behind the murder. I loved Annalisa and Richard together, as well as how the author authentically incorporated the layers of faith into the romantic tension between them. I would absolutely read more stories with these characters!

Camy Tang’s Sushi and Suspicions takes us from California to Hawaii and back again (and again lol) and reacquaints us with siblings Olivia and Lincoln whom we first met in Unshakeable Pursuit. I loved the suspense plot that Tang weaves throughout this book, and I loved watching Lennox and Olivia fall in love. Lennox’s faith journey was a favorite for me in this collection, particularly in how he comes to realize that God cares about him. But the thing I loved most about this story is the character I loved most in the whole collection – Benny. He. Is. Hilarious. I could so easily picture him in my mind as I read about his antics, and he had me laughing out loud more than once. I hope the author writes more books with him in them – I’ll read them for sure!

The collection closes out with Never a Fugitive by Jan Thompson, a story that involves a young woman in possession of state secrets and unsure who she can trust. She’s also a new creation in Christ and wants to do the right thing. I liked Kelsey and Armin and their relationship development throughout this book, though I felt like I was missing out on a backstory that I hadn’t read yet (and maybe I am!). There were several elements in play to keep the tension high and Kelsey & Armin on edge, and readers will be invested in the outcome of it all. Although the frequent pausing of the story to include referenced Bible passages in full (when a brief summation would have felt more natural) kept distracting me from the plot, I did enjoy the characters and how everything ended up playing out.

Bottom Line: Ten different novels. Ten different suspense authors. Ten stories of danger, intrigue, faith, and romance. Summer Suspicions is the perfect way to introduce yourself to new authors and reacquaint yourself to familiar ones, the full-length novels each giving you a good taste of that author’s writing voice and how he/she delivers a romantic suspense story! I enjoyed each book in the collection and look forward to reading more by these authors in the future. If you’re looking for another great romantic suspense to read, how about trying ten instead with Summer Suspicions available for preorder at only $0.99!!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the authors. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4.5 stars / loved it!

KissingBook Level: 3 / will forget to breathe on more than one occasion

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What about you? What makes you want to read Summer Suspicions by these ten great authors?

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