Book Review: The Rancher’s Secret by Megan Easley-Walsh

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The Rancher's Secret book review

The Rancher's Secret by Megan Easley-WalshTHE RANCHER’S SECRET by Megan Easley-Walsh
GENRE: Contemporary Western Romance (Christian)
PUBLISHER: New Historical Fiction
RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2024
PAGES: 210

They were childhood sweethearts, but a secret has separated them for fifteen years. Will Redemption Ranch be able to offer them a second chance at dreams and love?

Fifteen years ago, Lauren walked away from Redemption Ranch when the application she made for a horse internship never received a reply. She hasn’t returned, until now. Redemption Ranch is seeking a counselor for the summer. Lauren’s grandma has just passed away, and she’s inherited her house. It feels like the perfect time for a second chance on the ranch where her best memories growing up were made.

Grant was the love of her childhood, but it’s been fifteen long years. Not to mention, Grant holds a huge secret that has separated them. All of these years, she thought she wasn’t good enough for the ranch. All of these years, Grant has carried the burden of his secret and regretted that it sent Lauren away.

In order to have any chance at a future together, they’ll have to face their past and finally tell each other the truth in this contemporary inspirational sweet western romance.

When Lauren left Redemption Ranch fifteen years ago, confused and hurt, she also left behind her childhood love, Grant. Now she’s back to take a counselor’s position for the summer and tentatively exploring a friendship with Grant once more. But every time they start to get close again, he rebuilds a wall, leaving her confused and hurt all over again. The reason? Grant has a secret that he’s kept for the last fifteen years, and he’s got to find a way to finally tell his grandfather and especially Lauren what he did back then and why. If you’re thinking this sounds like the makings of a charming second chance at romance and found family, then you’d be correct!

“Their lips fell together softly, like steps to a dance they had shared together once before.”

I enjoyed Lauren’s personality, her kindness, and her courage to risk her heart again – not just with Grant but also with the ranch she feels rejected her despite all the good memories she made there. She is the kind of character I’d want to be friends with, if only she weren’t fictional, and I loved watching her find ‘home’ in more than one sense of the word. Even though Grant took a little longer to grow on me (I think I was feeling Lauren’s caution), he really is a genuinely likable guy whose mistake all those years ago makes perfect sense once you learn his backstory. I really liked the fact that he is a shepherd, because we don’t often have sheep ranchers as heroes, and I could easily picture him as a gentle-hearted-but-hard-working cowboy. Speaking of which… Grant is definitely cut from the same cloth as his grandfather Tucker, a character I adored along with the cook Betsy!

Bottom Line: The Rancher’s Secret by Megan Easley-Walsh is a sweet romance with gentle notes of faith and an emphasis on second chances. I enjoyed the characters and their journeys, as well as the natural ways their faith affects their lives. It’s clear that Lauren and Grant still have chemistry between them, even after fifteen years apart, and the moments when they were at ease with one another were especially fun to imagine their faces lit up with happiness. My reading flow was interrupted several times by vague or abrupt transitions (so I felt disoriented as to time or place) and I wish some of the layers had been explored a bit more deeply but overall I still thought this was an entertaining story of found family, purpose, faith, and of course romance!

(I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I read via Kindle Unlimited. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 3.5 stars / liked it!

KissingBook Level: 3 / may forget to breathe on occasion

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Megan Easley-Walsh

Megan Easley-Walsh, PhD History, is an author of historical and contemporary fiction, a researcher, and a writing consultant and editor at Extra Ink Edits. She is an award-winning writer and has taught college writing in the UNESCO literature city of Dublin, Ireland. She is a dual American and Irish citizen and lives in Ireland with her Irish husband. Megan is a Professional Member of the Irish Writers’ Centre, a Full Member of the Irish Writers’ Union, a member of the Historical Novel Society, a Full Member of ACES: The Society for Editing, a member of the Irish Association of Professional Historians, a member of the American Historical Association, a member of the Irish Association of Art Historians, and a member of The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. Additionally, she was shortlisted for the 2021 Hammond House International Literary Prize in Poetry and the 2023 Hammond House Origins Poetry Contest.

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