Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Deborah Clack & The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain

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Deborah Clack guest post

I am so excited to introduce you to today’s guest! Author Deborah Clack is here to talk about how she chose to honor her mentors with the character names she used in her debut novel, The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain!

The Cowboy's Marriage Bargain by Deborah ClackTHE COWBOY’S MARRIAGE BARGAIN by Deborah Clack
GENRE: Contemporary Romance (Christian)
PUBLISHER: Love Inspired
RELEASE DATE: June 25, 2024
PAGES: 210


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What’s in a Name?

by Deborah Clack, author of The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain

Happy summer day, readers! Thank you to Carrie and the friends of Reading is My SuperPower for allowing me to visit today. I’m so excited to be here!

As a reader, do you judge character names? Can a character name make or break a book for you? Do you wonder if authors pick names out of a hat?

One of the most fun things I get to do with every book is to figure out what each character should be called and why. Picking names proved to be an extra special process for my most recent book.

After almost eleven years from the day I started writing, my debut novel through Love Inspired, The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain, comes out today!

The first line of The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain reads, “Chase Cross knew better than to tell a woman she looked like a wet dog.” He’s a little rough around the edges, but it sounds like he had a mentor along the way who at least advised him on the basics.

In Chase and Lexi’s story, I wanted to honor the three authors who mentored me for years through their critique groups.

Here is an inside peek into a few names I picked.

The character Julie, the wonder nurse, stands her ground, speaks the truth, and fights for her patients. Very much like an early mentor of mine, Thriller and Nonfiction author Julie Marx. I entered her critique group as a newbie writer. She believed in my stories and put me on the path to always seek the Lord when I write. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Calm, supportive pastor Beckett Gentry is a wise man who understands how to navigate a lot of personalities in a scene loaded with tension, emotion, and hope. Kind of like the two mentors I named him after. Contemporary Romance author Becky Wade and Women’s Fiction, Suspense, and Fantasy author Lynne Gentry. These ladies taught me about story, crisp writing, and pointed me to God at every high and low of the publishing journey. For that, I will also be forever grateful.

It was a tough secret to keep not telling these wonderful women about my character names. To celebrate them on this debut day, I’m raffling off their fabulous writing through a 4-Ebook giveaway featuring one book from each of these women, plus a copy of my new release.

Thank you so much for celebrating with me today!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about someone who has mentored you, or someone you have mentored.

None you can recall? Then just say hi! I would love to hear from you!

I’ll send The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain Giveaway Package to one commenter, selected through the Rafflecopter form.

Deborah Clack

Award-winning author Deborah Clack is a native Texan who believes in the power of fiction, the lost art of lip synching, and that chocolate should be eaten without nuts. A high school AP history teacher for 10 years, Deborah earned a Master’s Degree in Education and was awarded Teacher of the Year for Arts in Education. Now she creates stories of her own filled with endearing characters and a hard-fought romance.

Stay up to date on all her releases, fun giveaways, and receive a free novella by signing up for her newsletter here. Visit her on her website at

The Cowboy Marriage Bargain giveaway bundle

Deborah Clack is offering a 4-Ebook giveaway (to honor her mentors and her debut novel) to one of my readers! Books included are: Family Lies and Deadly Ties by JA Marx (Thriller), Memory Lane by Becky Wade (Romance), Walking Shoes by Lynne Gentry (Women’s Fiction), and The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain by Deborah Clack (Romance). Void where prohibited by law or logistics. This giveaway is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policies which can be found here. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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What about you? What makes you want to read The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain by Deborah Clack? Tell us about someone who has mentored you, or someone you have mentored.

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68 responses to “Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Deborah Clack & The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain

  1. Lynne

    You were an easy student. Gifted and talented. I’m so honored to be included in your debut novel and on this giveaway.

  2. Doris Lankford

    I was mentor to several of my employees back when I was working retail. I have read this book and I loved it.

  3. Linda

    I enjoy Becky Wade’s books so based on her recommendation and mentoring I would love to try this book.


    My former pastor’s wife was my mentor. I’ve tried to mentor younger women especially if they didn’t have Christian mothers to set an example.

  5. Terri Sawyer

    I’m so excited for you and your debut novel! As for a mentor, that would be my mother-in-love. She’s the godliest woman I know and always points me to Jesus.
    I taught in youth ministry for 20 years, and there are a few girls I have mentored over the years.

  6. Linda Tucker

    I work at an elementary school so I have mentored several students.
    I enjoy this type of books.
    Thank you

  7. Teresa

    Love this! We have a program at our church called “Mentor Moms” where moms with more experience pour into the lives of newer moms. My various mentors through the years have been so special to me!

  8. Terri

    Besides my mom being a great mentor, I have been part of a great group of spiritual mentors through Bible Study Fellowship. I’m part of the leadership team at the one I participate in. The leaders meet the day before the class for corporate prayer, training in our roles, and discussion of the lesson. They have really built into my life over the years I have been a part of the group.

  9. Sandy Avery

    This book sounds like a great story, and I enjoyed your special book naming process! I mentored a few younger women during my working years.

  10. Kasi Walas

    I’m intrigued by The Cowboy’s Marriage Bargain because it promises a compelling blend of romance and personal growth set against the backdrop of the Texas countryside. The concept of a marriage bargain in a modern cowboy setting hints at complex character dynamics and a heartwarming journey. Deborah Clack’s storytelling is known for its emotional depth and engaging plots, making this book a must-read for fans of contemporary romance with a touch of traditional charm.

  11. Jean Volk

    First, let me say thank you Carrie for showcasing Deborah. She is a new author for me, I love to find new athors. I also love Love Inspired books.

    I had some teachers that were great mentors, but the most important one was my mom. I didn’t realize it as teenager, thinking I was right, and she was wrong stage. Now that she has been gone almost 15 years, I see how she was mentoring me.

    • Jean, thank you so much for your kind words about finding new authors – it’s so nice to meet you. And thank you so much for sharing about your mom, that is really special.

  12. Lorena Keech

    The book sounds uplifting and positive, and that’s what I look for to counteract the negativity all over the news and social media.

    • Lorena, thank you so much for stopping by. We all need books that can uplift us – that might be why I had so much fun writing this one. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Jessica

    This book sounds like a fun marriage of convenience story, and cowboys are always a fun addition to a story, too.

  14. Joe Titone

    Looks like a very interesting read! The details make me want it to be my next read.

  15. Glenda

    I love the Christian books, romance, suspense, cowboy etc. They are great reads and love the Christian themed books so refreshing to read.

  16. Betty Curran

    I love books of all genres and this looks very interesting. I was mentored by an older lady on my very first job. She told me that she was impressed that I could alphabetize the files and that began a great relationship.

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