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  1. Hello Carrie

    I found your Blog/Site on a list of reviewers currently accepting books for review.

    My Name is Christopher Bowron. I have written four books prior to my newest – Waiting for Morning Time. I have been a number one best-selling author on Amazon and have been traditionally published three times. My Jackson Walker series with Koehler books being my most successful project.

    I plan to self-publish Waiting for Morning Time as I have a number of big backers and promoters within the Christian community.

    Waiting for Morning Time is a faith book based upon true events. Three men go spear fishing out from Venice Florida in the Gulf of Mexico before a tropical storm moved in. Their boat begins to take on water and quickly sinks before a MADAY can be sent. The story portrays the faith of three families ashore that their men are alive and how they organize rescue efforts. The men in the water must face their inner demons, thirst and the wildlife in the Gulf.

    Up to the date of the incident the men were the longest known survivors in open water – 49 hours at 65 degrees F. The ordeal made news locally as well as Good Morning America, Sally Jesse Raphael, Toronto Star and The New York Times.

    I would greatly appreciate your review. Please let me know if you would like me to forward a copy of the Digital ARC.


    Christopher Bowron

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